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T-GoodTech (Thai Good Technology) is a digital platform and the business matching channel between Thai entrepreneurs themselves and foreign entrepreneurs in terms of Business to Business (B2B). An objective of the platform is to promote SMEs into a Global Value Chain by applying with database systems and technologies under the collaboration between the Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation of Japan (SMRJ) driving SMEs into a Global Value Chain.


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Web-based CEO Business Meeting Event for Food Tech by SME SUPPORT JAPAN


Let’s innovate together with Japan’s DX and Technology (Shimane Prefecture Government)


ขอเรียนเชิญท่านผู้ประกอบการอัพเดตฐานข้อมูลออนไลน์ T-GoodTech ประจำปี 2564 


Promoting business opportunity on T-GoodTech.com for Japanese Company


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A dedication to energy and environmental leadership results in the "GREEN CHILL" compact chiller solution. "THE FUTURE SYNERGY"

Siam Interplast.co.ltd

ISO / GMP quality plastic packaging production service


Japan System (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an IT company with our main services divided into 3 services as follows 1. Get a website. From small businesses - large businesses The price depends on the needs of customers in each place. That there is a need in which parts are more or less 2. Get marketing in various channels, including Facebook, Line, Instagram, Youtube and Google etc. 3.Outsource is to send employees to work with companies that have IT needs. The amount and duration depend on the customer's company.


Our main products; including automotive engine Pulleys, pulleys for other engine and general purpose pulleys Press (Stamping) parts, and Stamping parts for Brake sets.


UCI MEDIA CO.,LTD is a leader of one-stop service media producer with equipment and modern technology.


Kruanapat Food Products Co., Ltd. It is a company producing and selling products the sauce under the brand "KRUANAPAT" delicious simple at home. We sell products in the market for more than 10 years now. We have products for sale in modern shopping malls and stores nationwide.

Cholada coffee Co.,Ltd.

"Good coffee brand Thai beloved public"


We are one of the leading door manufacturer in Thailand with over 70 years of experience within the industry. Currently our product portfolio includes: natural hardwood door, melamine door, HPL door, UPVC door, PVC door, laminate door, various type of door frames and also door accessories. Today our company’s products are commercially distributed throughout Thailand through various hard-ware dealership and modern trade channels. In addition to our retail operation, we also support large-to-small scale project development within the country. As a leading manufacturer, we are capable of designing and producing doors to our specific customer needs. Our past clients include large-scale residential project, condominiums, hotels, hospitals, schools, and commercial offices. With more than 70 years of experience, our company has gained the trust and confidence of our clients throughout Thailand.

Thai Chong Food Co.,Ltd

This fast-growing bioscience food solutions company ​


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WordPress, the helper to create a website easily by yourself.


In the last articles, you have been known with WordPress quite a bit. In this article, you will start doing it. For the simple process to create a website with WordPress as follow:

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WordPress, the helper to make website not difficult anymore.


When it comes to build a website. Many entrepreneurs may be worried, it is because to create a new website is a time-consuming process, high cost and also have to plan a strategy for the website a lot. The problems happened, have led developers to create a successful program in order to make the website easier and more convenient. Even you do not have website knowledge, it still can be done.

Storytelling (not) secrets weapons that business must know.


  Nowadays, storytelling is very important because it helps customers to have a feeling of joining us. It also builds credibility and trust from customers. Therefore, if we practice telling story skill that are related to the brand or the inspiration to build our brand, it will come out well to the customer's mind.

How influencers are important to brand in 2021


As you can see, over the past year, The trend of using influencers to promote products or services has become increasingly popular, becoming one of the most attractive marketing trends for business people and brands. According to influencers’ followers are a large number of individuals who may be matched to our target audience.


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Looking for partners oversea

สร้างโดย ชลกาญจน์ ศิริกลการ | 10/11/2021

Benefits of electrolytes

สร้างโดย สิทธิรัตน์ เลขาภิสิทธิ์ | 29/09/2021


สร้างโดย นายสราวุธ ชุโนทัยสวัสดิ์ | 09/09/2021

Freeze dried foods and fruits

สร้างโดย ภัครดา จงศิวิไล | 09/07/2020


สร้างโดย T-GoodTech | 15/06/2020


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Q Industrial company in part of production, commerce or service field, can be a member?

A every single sector could be included.
Q Benefits for SMEs When become the member in our platform “T-GoodTech”

  1. Search for partners and communication via online system.
  2. Great channel for public relation to foreign investors to be known.
  3. Searching channel for business matching with proficiency manufacturers country and around the world through our platform.
  4. Link to J-GoodTech.com, a Japan Business Matching platform that provides exceeding to 17,000 companies in various types of business which have been screened.
  5. Activities such as events, seminar and business matching with reliable companies to broaden business.
Q Communication Channels

  1. Main website :  www.tgoodtech.com
  2. Facebook fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/TGoodTech/
  3. Line : @hmn6987v
  4. E-mail : dip.tgoodtech@gmail.com
Q Products or goods need to obtain compulsory standards?


Compulsory standards are required for special industrial/service manufacture.

Q Do your company need to have either website or Facebook? which language?


You are required to have either website or Facebook, Thai and English.