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      When it comes to build a website. Many entrepreneurs may be worried, it is because to create a new website is a time-consuming process, high cost and also have to plan a strategy for the website a lot. The problems happened, have led developers to create a successful program in order to make the website easier and more convenient. Even you do not have website knowledge, it still can be done.

WordPress Program (WordPress) is a template program that is used to create websites or manage online content. It is classified as an open-source content management system or Content Management System (CMS). There are many CMS systems in nowadays, but WordPress is the most popular CMS. which many people may be wondering, what is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? What are the different uses? Let's talk about it to prevent confusion before actual use.


What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

      WordPress.com is a platform made for people who want to have their own blog. Which can be used simply by signing up on WordPress.com. It can be used immediately, but WordPress.com is less flexibility than WordPress.org because of other plugins and themes installed inside. Besides, there is a paid version, where you can upload themes and install plugins.

which can be separated into parts, to make it easier as follows:

  • Easy to install, just sign up on the website by no installation required. Once we have completed the application process, we will get the web as we want under the url : (domain).wordpress.com
  • No hosting fee caused by all data will be on server of wordpress.com
  • WordPress is always updated when a new version is occurred.
  • There are many plugins which are necessary for general websites installed by wordpress.com. It will be selected for us to use.
  • Free to use, only pay if we want to upgrade when we need more functions from where wordpress.com provides.

WordPress.org is an open-source software system. It can control over the design and functionality of the website by completely. which can be downloaded and installed on its own host by the main components. The basics of website building are hosting, domains, themes, and plugins.


which can be separated into parts, to make it easier as follows:

  • there is freedom to use once we downloaded and installed it on our own server. So, we can customize it as we like more than using it on wordpress.com
  • You can customize your theme as your convenience, and you can download the theme and install it by yourself without limitation.
  • Install the plugin as needed.
  • You can customize the code by yourself and on wordpress.org, there is already a manual to support it.
  • Choose the hosting that we want at the price we prefer. It is not limited to one place.


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WordPress, the helper to create a website easily by yourself.

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