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Produce standard quality products. Deliver goods Accurate and timely For customer satisfaction "

Is a leading manufacturer of brake pads for automobiles and motorcycles, as well as parts in Thailand, which have received a certificate from the Automobile Association of the United States of America as a high quality product. From the use of high technology in every production calculation Use high quality raw materials Skillful staff And receive training for skill development always Therefore, every user is assured that every product under the YASAKI brand is of high quality. Available for use with all forms of use. And in addition to responding to the needs of Thai users nationwide, YASAKI is also a product that has been accepted by various countries. Every continent around the world The company's products are also one of the exported products that have received the Thai brand (Thailand: Land of diversity & Refinement) since 2000, although the response from users to the company's products is good. Satisfactory, but Media Industrial Company Limited is still heading to create and develop safety products. For the satisfaction of all users. "YASAKI product quality assurance"

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Based on over 20 years of experience, "YASAKI" products are determined to develop products and select only the highest quality raw materials to meet the standards in order to obtain disc brake pads. And the best brake caliper throughout the lifetime

Smooth in braking And can brake every time during an emergency Motorcycle users

Get down Picharana to see if it's covered or not. That you will deposit your life Which is worth your time with the brake pads that focus on the price But there is no quality issue at allMr. Sathien Destanchok

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Registration No. 0105535002762
Corporate name Sue Industrial Co.,LTD.
Number of employees 230 (Full Time: 230)
Month/Year of Established date 2535
Country Thailand
Phone Number 022945286
Address 588/8 Sathupradit rd.
Industry ยานยนต์และชิ้นส่วน (Automotive and Auto parts)
Contact person Miss Chanida Dolbandalchok

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