Husan Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Husan Industrial Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of ceiling fan, industrial fan, bench grinder and air conditioner motor. We make-to-order motor products that are customized to customer’s specification and our manufacturing is certified by ISO9001:2015, UL, TIS.935/2015.

Husan Industrial Co.,Ltd. was established since October 09, 1969. We have developed various products under the brands HUSAN, YAMABISHI, ASAHI and LION. Our products include fan, ceiling fan, Floor-fan, ventilation fan, industrial fan, small fan motor, electric grinder, shutter motor and customized motors for specific applications.

Husan exports products to USA and European countries. We always focus on Quality System since the start of QCC (Quality Control Circle) and increase production efficiency accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Sales Pitch (1) : High-quality industrial motors.

Public information

We give 5 years guarantee.

We have after sales services to take care of customers during product lifetime.

Our products are made under industrial standards ISO9001:2015, UL, TIS934/2015. This can ensure that all products are well inspected.

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0105512004831
Corporate name Husan Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Number of employees 120 (Full Time: 120)
Month/Year of Established date 1969
Country Thailand
Phone Number 028793690-9
Address 71 Mu 1 Bangkruay Road Bangkruay District, Nonthaburi
Contact person Mr. Karun Laisathit

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