Kubota Korsaengyont Lukkae-Kanchanaburi Co.,Ltd.

Kubota Korsaengyont Lukkae-Kanchanaburi Co.,Ltd. - a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery for over 50 years

Kubota Korsaengyont Lukkae-Kanchanaburi Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer to distribute agricultural machinery for over 50 years

Currently, we are a manufacturer and distributor of Kubota brand tractors with complete peripheral equipment, including agriculture, construction, industrial work. As well as equipment for home and garden work with complete after-sales service and a standard service center by a team of highly experienced technicians then we received the Gold Medal and 5 Star Service Center Award. In addition, we have more than 20,000 spare parts stocked for every model of Kubota. From the model M7500 M8950 M8030 L2050 B1600 B6100 to the current model Including Kubota excavator parts Kubota combine harvester parts Kubota black tractor parts And all kinds of peripheral equipment.

In addition, we also provide consulting and advice services. Agricultural machinery selection and various tools in industrial and construction work by providing services for developing, designing and modifying tools machines for customers as needed with standard and quality engineering techniques and a cost-effective price can be used, durable and able to meet every customer needs.

Sales Pitch (1) : Service providers for one-stop service of tractors

Public information

We are providing design, development, modification and installation of equipment for use in various industries.

We are manufacturer and distributor of peripherals for tractors in various industries

We have ISO9001: 2015 standard service center and spare parts for all models of tractors for more than 50 years

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0715559001973
Corporate name Kubota Korsaengyont Lukkae-Kanchanaburi Co.,Ltd.
Website www.korsaengyont.com
Number of employees 100 (Full Time: 100)
Month/Year of Established date 2559
Country Thailand
Phone Number 034-566302, 034-566789, 034-571555 (สาขาพนมทวน)
Address 49/10-12 Moo 8 Thamai Thamaka Kanchanaburi
Industry ยานยนต์และชิ้นส่วน (Automotive and Auto parts)
Contact person Mrs. Tharinee Saengprachathanarak

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