THAIINTERMAT CO., LTD. is a service provider for the design, manufacture, installation of conveyor systems for industrial products and storage systems (racking systems).

THAIINTERMAT CO., LTD. is an expert in design. Production and installation The only product storage system in warehousing and conveying systems in Thailand. With more than 20 years of experience since 1987, Thai InterMat Co., Ltd. is confident of leading companies and has gained a lot of trust from customers.

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- Conveyor (Conveyor System) conveyor line conveyor production line or End Line Packaging is a packaging line (Packing. Line), which is the process of production. Or more depending on the age of the user.

- Shelves Industry ( RACKING SYSTEM ) storage system, whether it is a Selective the Rack , Drive,-In the Rack, the VNA, Actual Live Pallet, the Rack, Mobile-the Rack , we can consult the design, manufacture, installation to customers. Complete It also provides after-sales service. Check out the shelves of goods to our customers is assured. Shelf systems that have been installed by us is durable for long use.

- AUTOMATION SYSTEM. A control system for operating equipment such as machinery manufacturing plants that require precision in performance, and are continuing to work. The precise control would result in cost reduction management. Increase efficiency and productivity even more. With over 20 years of experience makes us confident that the system Automation of Thailand International format is recognized by the leading companies in terms of management and service Maintenance.

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Registration No. 0105535108269
Corporate name THAIINTERMAT CO.,LTD.
Number of employees 130 (Full Time: 130)
Month/Year of Established date 1992
Country Thailand
Phone Number 02-7383580
Address 95/2 M.14 Kingkaew-Onnuch Rd., Rachatewa
Industry เครื่องจักรกล เครื่องมือแพทย์ (Mechanical and Medical instrument)
Contact person Mr. Noppawit Suksomwat

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