P S M Plasitech Group Part.,Ltd

P S M Plasitech Group : Experienced more than 30 years in plastic compounding field, we are expertise in manufacture customized-plastic granules in four categories, PP, PE, PS and ABS

P S M Plasitech Group is a compound plastic pellet manufacturer company under Un-Virgin™ Brand, our products are categorized into 4 types.
1. PP (Polypropylene)
2. PE (Polyethylene)
3. PS (Polystyrene)
4. ABS (Acrylonitride Butadiene Styrene)

We have over 30 years of experience in compound plastic pellet manufacturing. We intend to develop our product to have standards and continuity production for the same or other production lots. We therefore have established RE-Plas Laboratory to control standard and quality of our product to satisfy our customer requirements.

P S M Plasitech have a commitment in performing our business under Sustainable Development, we give an importance to 3 aspects together
1. Main business.
2. Environment.
3. Society.

In order to pursuit a stable business growth, society and environment shall go along with good influences and no impacts. We therefore perform the following points.

Sales Pitch (1) : Compounded-plastic granules with conformity, continuity and quality.

Public information

We commit to produce good quality that can satisfy customer requirements, we therefore established a laboratory for material pre-production test.

In addition of quality stability of our compound plastic pellets in each production cycle, we also consider product continuity that can support continuous production and on time delivery. Our customers can be ensured that there will be no material shortage.

We are the first compound plastic pellet manufacturer in Thailand that have registered Carbon Footprint for our Polypropylene with TGO - Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization).

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0123554008744
Corporate name P S M Plasitech Group Part.,Ltd
Website http://www.psmplasitech.com
Number of employees 20 (Full Time: 20)
Month/Year of Established date 2008
Country Thailand
Phone Number +66891151256
Address 8 Soi Saitong 17 Tarsai Muang Nonthaburi 11000
Industry เหล็กและพลาสติก (Iron, Steel and Plastics)

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