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Chuno Co., Ltd. - Modern Furniture Manufaturing

Chuno Co., Ltd. is an startup company offering the best services and products by enthusiastic and professional teams. We are specialized in customized wood products such as Wall shelves, Industrial loft bench and chairs, Garment furniture, etc. Also, our team are traveling around the world to seek the modernized and innovative products to match the customer life style. We have the strict criterias for screening products to ensure that Customers always receive only the best quality and useful products. Contact us for more details.

Sales Pitch (1) : OEM Furniture Manufacturing

Public information

Specialized in Industrial grade furniture which focuses on the quality, durable and design of products. Our products are selling in other countries and domestic.

Our products are so much durable, can handle high weigh. We are welcome to manufature customized products based on customers' requirements.

Current products are Floating wall shelves, Industrial Chair/bench, sewin table, garment furnitures which are so popular in Thailand and other countries.

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0105559018481
Corporate name Chuno Company Limited
Number of employees 5 (Full Time: 5)
Month/Year of Established date 2559
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0642477677
Address 37/21 Soi Charansanitwong3 Charansanitwong Rd. Watthapra Bangkokyai Bangkok 10600
Industry เซรามิกส์ เฟอร์นิเจอร์ และของตกแต่งบ้าน (Ceramic, Furniture and Home decoration)
Contact person Mr. Sarawut Chunothaisawat

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