GoldCity Foottech Co., Ltd.

GOLDCITY gives you confidence in every step.
Because we believe that every step is possible Destiny is ours.

Company goals
Manufacture and distribution of shoes. Shoes that are innovative. Have a contemporary And friendly to customers and the environment at all times

We will deliver products by adhering to all our actions on time, knowing quality duty, smooth work.

Working every time Deserving to have a goal Whether adding product benefits Or as a solution for the wearer

Caused by the amalgamation of 3 companies which are
1. Muang Thong Mahachai Company (Production Plant)
2. Muang Thong Foottech Company (Production Plant)
3. Gold City Footwear Company Limited (Sales and Marketing)

In which the affiliated company was founded in 1949 (70 years since 2020)

         By conducting business as Is a manufacturer and distributor of various brand shoes in the market. In the beginning We manufacture the shoes using the Craft Handmade method. There is no machinery to help with the production. From the founding fathers, Supat and Ruen-ngam Chinaphan, with about 10 employees helping to create a company.
         The first inspiration was born from The two founders traveled to rural areas of Thailand. And saw the students who had to travel to school with bare feet hard When traveling back to the accommodation, both began to talk. Which coincided with the time that both had previously had the opportunity to work in a company that already produced shoes That is the starting point for both of you to decide to start your own shoe manufacturing business. In the beginning, both of you started from being a small shoe manufacturer. (In this day we say that "Factory row house")
Both of you started with a small amount of funds. And people known to help each other to work One thing that you both always teach their children. Meaning not to cheat anyone Whether it is money or words, both of you are considered a good role model. Because those words are constantly proven The events that prove these things well are In the early days when he was trying to build a business You have borrowed from people around you, partners and banks with unexpected events. Your factory, row house caused a fire. Until everything is damaged, but both of you do not think of debt Therefore decided to call the relevant parties to come to know the problems and mediate to find an agreement With the credibility of your collectors Who would believe that in addition to the many people involved Will not condemn Also offered to help as well Until the business can revive again When the matter reached this point It can be seen that the intention The morality of the two you have is respectable to the general public. Another thing that reinforces this matter is The fire incident that happened two times in a few years apart, and both of you have escaped the business until it has grown as seen today.
         Another thing that was passed on to the offspring is Helping people, both of you will always convey the matter too The reason is because of your own good help. When he himself had experienced a disaster before Today it can be seen that The company's products are always donated in poor provinces or districts.
         Later, after the company started to settle down firmly, both you and the children began to develop a business to be an industrial factory. By beginning to buy land and open the factory seriously There are many imported machinery and knowledge from abroad. Until the company has a lot of knowledge and expertise in chemical related to rubber This is the most outstanding feature that can reflect the company's ability through the product of shoes. With the most durable rubber floor parts in Thailand and ASEAN That's why in the year 1982, many foreign companies began to come in contact and asked the company to manufacture shoes in the form of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), which became the main business operation in Phase 2 of the company.
Around the year 1987, executives had a meeting and agreed that the company needs to pay attention to making products in its own brand. Therefore, the GoldCity brand became more well-known through marketing materials. From before, GoldCity brand products were produced and sold in stores. Which release trading as Demand and Supply naturally
         When marketing more Combined with the quality of the product Enabling the company to sell a large number of shoes Causing the company to start making more types of shoes To meet the different needs of customers From the production of rubber boots and sneakers Until now, the company has produced products under the brand GOLDCITY and other more than 10 categories (currently the company has passed the management to the children of the family of Generation 2 and 3) as follows:

1. student sneakers
2. Fashion sneakers
3. Shoes for health
4. Turf soccer shoes (PU / PVC)
5. Football shoes artificial turf (PU / PVC)
6. Jogging shoes
7. Men's Courts Shoes (Genuine leather / PU / PVC)
8. Women Courts Shoes (Genuine leather / PU / PVC)
9. Casual slippers
10. Road Running Shoes
11. Betting products such as socks, sports shirts

And in the near future There will be more product categories, such as Sport and Street Wear.

Sales Pitch (1) : The company's products have received the following certification standards:

Public information

International : ISO 9000 : 1994 by AJA (for Rubber Boot)

Standard ISO 9000 : 2000 by AJA (for whole company)

Which the said standards are generally accepted in the international system One thing that confirms reliability and success very well. The company is able to produce shoes for countries on all continents around the world, such as Japan, Australia, America, Canada, Italy, France, Kuwait, Dubai etc.

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0745562008517
Corporate name GoldCity Foottech Co., Ltd.
Number of employees 900 (Full Time: 900)
Month/Year of Established date 2019
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0816479960
Industry Manufacture of wearing apparel
Contact person Mr. Surasak Jinapun

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Brands of the company's affiliates: Gold City, G-Plus, GC, FAST, Escape, Planet, Nature, Sunwood.
Board of Directors: 5 persons (all belong to the Chinapan family) Shareholder: 17 people (all belong to the family chain Jinnaphan and is 100% Thai)

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