Wealthy Grain Co., Ltd

We selected the high-quality every kind of rice from Thailand as we know " The World's Kitchen "especially Thai Hom Mali Rice(Thai Jasmine Rice).

WEALTHY GRAIN CO.,LTD. refines and exports Thai rice of all varieties in customized packs for local and overseas customers, SS's primary product is Thai Hom Mali rice, a premium grade long-grained rice with unique fragrance and taste, Apart from Thai Hom Mali, SS also supplies other rice varieties found in Thailand.

We have variety kinds of Thai rice with premium grade to supplies in local and foreign country :
Thai Hom Mali Rice (Thai Jasmine rice)
Thai White Glutinous Rice
Thai Black Glutinous Rice
Thai Brown Cargo Rice
Thai Red Cargo Rice
Thai Rarboiled Rice
Thai White Rice

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Public information

WEALTHY GRAIN CO.,LTD. Was established as a private limited company with registered capital of us$550,000 with over 30 year's experience in the grain business & rice mills. The company has earned an excellence reputation from valued customers for Quality products and top service. Because of our advantage is established in the best harvest area (Northeast Thailand), to ensure all our customers of quality rice products.

We believe that rice trading should be based on trust it makes for an important factor in good Business relations. We will be treated as a commitment and processed with the necessary care and attention. We guarantee smooth transaction in all departments especially no surprises when the price has been increased, it will be our responsibility to absorb the extra cost. “CONFIRMED MEANS CONFIRAMED”

Responsibility reaches into `After Sales Customer Service' we are always ready to answer any question regarding the shipments and help to the best of our abilities to in sure 100 % satisfaction with our customers before & after.

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0315551000114
Corporate name Wealthy Grain Co., Ltd
Website http://wealthygrain.com/home.php
Number of employees 10 (Full Time: 10)
Month/Year of Established date 2008
Country Thailand
Phone Number 084-6688088
Address 47/107-108 Tanee Rd, Nai Muang, Muang, Burirum
Industry Manufacture of food products
Contact person Mr. Chatuphorn Rungsinaporn

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