Khotcher Global Food Company Limited

Khotcher Global Food LTD, Parts was established in 2012 and is one of the largest direct importers and distributors of food ingredients in Thailand. We are expert in "Dairy Product" (Whole Milk Powder & Skim Milk Powder). Good quality product guaranteed!

Over the years the company has been active as a food ingredients and solutions provider to various bakeries, dairy factories, food service and food & beverage retailers and manufacturers in Thailand. The company operates trading offices in Thailand.

Sales Pitch (1) : Dairy Product & Milk Tablet

Public information

Milk Tablet (Q-Life Brand) นมอัดเม็ด Our products come from the most trusted Thai farmers who believe in better. Our goal, we would like to promote and support sustainable farm who not only make our life better but also make our community and our environment better.

Q-Life Milk Tablets contain 100% pure cow fresh milk. Q-Life Milk Tablets are available in two great flavors, Sweet & Durian. You and your kids will love, and are excellent source of calcium for bone development and health. *Great tasting chewable tablet suitable for children and adults

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Organization Profile

Registration No. 0915555000202
Corporate name Khotcher Global Food Company Limited
Number of employees 30 (Full Time: 30)
Month/Year of Established date 2555
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0866898782
Industry Import and Export (Dairy Product & Food ingredient)
Contact person Business Development Director Weerachoke Waiyarat

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