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Phatra Asset Corporation Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and designer of packaging parts and cushioning materials. For the automotive electronics industry And other industries With a continuous focus on management and quality control To increase production efficiency For customers to get maximum satisfaction

Digital Enterprise Solution

Coconut "Thap Sakae" is the best source of coconut and quality.

Even though ORBIT is a well-established brand for more than 50 years, we still aim to strengthen our brand and to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable hose clip manufacturers to British Standard.

Service Provider to Customers in Component Design

This fast-growing bioscience food solutions company ​

Interior decoration

Khotcher Global Food LTD, Parts was established in 2012 and is one of the largest direct importers and distributors of food ingredients in Thailand. We are expert in "Dairy Product" (Whole Milk Powder & Skim Milk Powder). Good quality product guaranteed!

Asia Clean Chonburi Industrial Estate welcomes your factories’ expansion or relocation to the Eastern Economic Corridor Thailand (EEC), one of the Asia’s largest and ever-rising manufacturing destination.

Get up to all kinds of rubber work
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Industrial estate

Build the industry cities driven by clean technology and innovation”. We are determined to grow our business in a sustainable way, with strict social and environmental responsibilities, good governance and professionalism, ready to adapt our business to the ever-changing world. Our Flagship project, Asia Clean Chonburi Industrial Estate is the cooperation between Asia Clean Industrial Property and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)

Rubber shoes

produce sponge shoes under the trademark Bonthong, Chang Bonthong, RUBPER, MOOVE using high quality rubber raw materials. Combined with a long experience and efficient machines in production. To get good quality footwear products With experience in operating shoes All management and employees of the company are ready to serve. And embrace suggestions From customers with willingness to develop products and services for the better "

coconut oil

This here......Sangaroon coconut oil company One of the farmers of the Thap Sakae coconut farm. Growing and bonding with coconuts since birth. With a good climate. Proper area From the known planting sites. It is said that "Thap Sakae" is the best source of coconut and quality.

washing machines,microwave ovens,dishwashers and clothes dryers.

THAI AUTOMOTIVE & APPLIANCES LTD. The Company philosophy is to deliver the Components in fully finished conditions at the Customers delivery point with the innovative capability in post fine blanking operations such as grinding, machining, forming and specialized techniques. The Company Mission is to be an enabler to the Customers in design of the components during initial stage of product development including support on technical development. Highest level of quality control and regular monitoring of Customers satisfaction.

SIM card

Sell ​​Simcard, beautiful number, good number, SIM card, wholesale price, all camps, all mobile devices, all brands, all kinds, reasonable price, retail-delivery


Standardized satay The first food quality and safety in Thailand Innovative food, evolving from street satay to fusion food Like no other And unique, easy to learn, difficult to copy Value of return Comes with the Best Product Award 2014 or PRODUCT BEST VOTE OF THE DAY 2014 from the Food Institute Ministry of Industry Highlights satay marinade powder and curry paste with satay sauce

Get up to all kinds of rubber work

Produce and forming all types of rubber workpieces Buy / sell all types of tires Produce all types of molds, rubber workpieces Provide machinery for the production of rubber workpieces.

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