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Burapa Prosper Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer, distributor and the first wet-milled rice flour exporter in East of Thailand region under Double Bear Brand with more than 40 years of experience in producing premium quality flour.

Agriculture Product, OEM
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Black Glutinous Rice Flour || 水磨黑糯米粉 || طﺣﯾن اﻷرز اﻟدﺑق اﻷﺳود

With our special techniques in the production process combined with the finest selection of black glutinous seeds, Fancy Carp Brand Black Glutinous Rice Flour gives softer and smoother texture to food. Its distinguish smell and color make the dish uniquely delectable. ​

Glutinous Rice Flour

Glutinous rice flour is a popular ingredient to make a various dessert both domestical and international, such as Khanom thūapaēp, Khanom ko, Khanom kou, Kanom tom, Kanom babin, Kao nea tud, Bualoi and so on. If you do not want it to be too sticky, you can put finest rice flour into the mixture to reduce the viscosity as well.

Finest Rice Flour

Finest rice flour is a popular ingredient to make a various dessert both domestic and international, such as Khanom Dok Jork, Khanom Beuang, Khanom Tuay Fu, Khanom Chaan, Khanom Tran, Khanom Kluay and so on. You can reduce the firm of the desserts’ texture by adding glutinous rice flour into the mixture, such as Khanom Sai Sai, Khanom Phug Bua,Khanom Jak and etc.

Glutinous Rice Flour

Thai sticky rice is widely known all over the world because it has premium quality, unique aroma and great texture. We choose this premium sticky rice as our raw material because we have knowledge and understanding about its properties, so we can extract the best from it. This makes sticky rice flour from Double Bear Brand is an important choice of the customers all over the world.

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