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Burapa Prosper Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer, distributor and the first wet-milled rice flour exporter in East of Thailand region under Double Bear Brand with more than 40 years of experience in producing premium quality flour.
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Gluten Free Rice Starch

We have accumulated experience, honest and determination to develop innovation in producing flour to satisfy customer needs. Burapa Prosper Co.,Ltd. is trusted many leading companies in various business types to collaborate, innovate and develop flour quality that suitable for the use of each business requirement. We are certified and recognized by many international food standards. Therefore, we are confident that our team is ready to accomplish your development goals.

Rice Flour

1. Double Bear Brand’s rice flour is produced from high quality and selected Thai rice which is grown in the best cultivation region in Thailand. Before sending material to modern production process and producing into rice flour, our raw materials are carefully stored in warehouse under management system in accordance with international standard. We produce products with the knowledge that we have accumulated for more than 35 years, so rice flour from Double Bear Brand has very good quality which is satisfy the needs of customers.

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