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We aim to distribute Thai fragrant rice, the best rice in the world, to differentiate customers all over the world everywhere.

We selected the high-quality every kind of rice from Thailand as we know " The World's Kitchen "especially Thai Hom Mali Rice(Thai Jasmine Rice).

We are rice mill Who has been looking after all rice from upstream to downstream for over 30 years. Can be confident about the rice mill experience and the development of production standards.

Rice Noodle, Riceberry Noodle ,Chanthaburi Dried Riceburry Noodle with Pad Thai Sauce : Meedeefood Brand ,Chanthaburi Dried White Rice Noodle with Pad Thai Sauce : Chowsuaw Brand

Chanthaburi Dried White Rice Noodle with Pad Thai Sauce

White rice

We are committed to developing as a leader in the production. “Rice is good quality and safety to consumers” With our determination to become the leader in “ High quality rice ” Wiratchanok Co.,Ltd meticulously pays attention to every little detail in eac
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 Thung Kula Jasmine Rice

The rice that was developed by Thai people. It is a mixture of fragrant white rice and jasmine rice 105.It has been dubbed as a medicinal food due to its beneficial properties and high nutritional value.

Thai White Rice

Specially selected for its quality and ability to expand in volume when cooked. It is ideal for consumers who prefer and harder full-body rice.

Thai White Glutinous Rice

Specification of White glutinous rice 10% Shall have Grain composition and Milling degree as follows: Grain composition, comprising of: Whole kernels not less than 55.0% Brokens having the length as from 3.5 parts onward but not reaching 7.0 part not exceeding. 12% Of this there may be broken having the length not reaching 3.5 parts and not passing through sieve No.7 not exceeding 0.7%, and Small white glutinous brokens C1 not exceeding 0.3% The rest shall be Head rice having the length as from 7.0 parts onward. Rice and matter that may be present: White rice (not including Glutinous rice not yet transformed) not exceeding 15.0% Red kernels and or Undermilled kernels not exceeding 2.0% -Yellow kernels not exceeding 1.5% Damaged kernels not exceeding 0.5% Paddy not exceeding 10 grains per 1 kg. rice Undeveloped kernels, Immature kernels, Other seeds and Foreign matter either singly or combined not exceeding 0.5% Milling Degree : Well Milled

Thai Long Grain White Rice

100% Grade B Grain Composition & Milling Degree Minimum Whole Kernels: 60.0% Maximum Broken with length of 5.0-8.0 parts: 4.5% The rest contains Head Rice with the length of more than 8.0 parts Maximum Yellow Kernels: 0.2% Maximum Chalky Kernels: 6.0% Maximum Damaged Kernels: 0.25% Maximum White Glutinous Rice: 1.5% Maximum Paddy: 7 grains per kg Maximum Undeveloped Kernels, Immature Kernels, Other seeds & Foreign Matter: 0.2% Amylose Content: 27-30% Alkali Spreading Value Level at 1-5 Maximum Moisture Content: 14% Milling Degree: Extra Well Milled

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