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1. Man Lifting Equipment (imported from England and Italy) to work on high places instead of scaffolding. 2. Material Lifting Equipment imported from Italy, Korea, China for use in factories, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, office buildings. Or in the system contractors, etc. 3. Energy and Lighting Group (Power Source), such as batteries for loft trucks, vacuum trucks, forklifts, traction battery, Deep Cycle Battery, Generator, Light Tower, Light Globe ( Field lighting for rescue) 4. Manufacture custom products (Customized Products & Solution) to meet the highest needs of customers. We focus on excellent service. By a team of skilled technicians Experienced personnel team There is a network of technicians who can provide quick service (Quick Services) with quality spare parts at standard prices. Help to reduce costs arising from delayed service. Reduce the burden of maintenance and increase management efficiency. 5. Training Services Device users So that it can be used correctly and safely Helping the organization succeed Both quality and reduce the accident rate from work.
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