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Phatra Asset Corporation Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and designer of packaging parts and cushioning materials. For the automotive electronics industry And other industries With a continuous focus on management and quality control To increase production efficiency For customers to get maximum satisfaction

Concerning User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX) to create a modern, clean and attractive website, along with providing functions and features based on client’s requirements.

COTCO PLASTICS CO., LTD. manufactures and distribute artificial leather, PVC sheet/film under BOI Promotional Privileges by using effective CALENDERING and COATING techniques.

Kruanapat Food Products Co., Ltd. Thailand. We are a professional supplier of sauces. Best quality of raw materials were sourced from local, only the freshest. Always maintaining the highest level of quality standard : FDA, HALAL, GMP, HACCP and BRC. We are manufacturer of sauces since 2005. - Sweet Chili sauce - Sriracha Spicy Chili sauce - Sukiyaki sauce - Seafood Poultry sauce - Spicy Salad dressing

Others / อื่นๆ

We applied our expertise in mechanic design and programming excellent to our machines. Then we delivered machines to customers to expand their capacity and improve processes.

Daiwa Shiryo Trading Co.,Ltd was founded on February 22, 2017 with a registered capital of Baht 15 million. Our main office is located in Japan.

Gravure printing factory of all types such as opp, pvc, pet labels, laminated envelopes, foil envelopes, glass lids, pearl milk tea, easy peel etc. caps, as well as PVC PE dozen film packs.

Good product production And quality service Non-stop product development For good products to consumers

We are the top manufacturers for the production of PVC, shrink wrap and printing. We focus on producing quality products, producing film, blowing film for use in the industry. Food, medicine, cosmetics, other chemicals

IT Survive specializes in designing, developing and implementing solution for the complete IT service chain.
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Bottle seal labels (CAP SEAL) CAP SEAL is the plastic that has the ARTWORK printing that the client wants. The printing and design is the same as the LABEL. Only the cover is placed at the mouth of the bottle. Which will help create the attractiveness of the product

 Mobile Banking

With Mobile Phone Banking, your finances are available at your fingertips 24 hours a day, wherever you are. PromptNow has developed a comprehensive platform named ‘Susanoo’ that forms the foundation of Mobile financial services and deployed in retail and corporate banking needs. Summary Functions: Susanoo platform supports the core functions of a traditional internet or ATM banking channel and in its native (OS and Device specific) implementation mode, caters to the needs of the new generation customers who are ‘mobile savvy’ and expects a trendy, on-the-move and quick way toexperience banking with their financial services provider. The solution can provide seamless interface with the same look and feel of their traditional ATM or Online channels. Typical banking functions are provided along with a suite of advanced functions taking advantage of the inherent operating environment and handset capabilities. The solution is based on the concept of SMARTs including Smart Control, Smart Security, and Smart Reliability. While Smart Control allows user to have a total control of payment process and management, Smart Security acts as an indestructible guard of sensitive banking data involved in the process and Smart Reliability promises a fast and easy deployment and tracking system. The overall architecture is modular with two core functions: Device Management Given the fact that manufacturers are churning out varied kinds of handset models, each device with its own set of attributes such as screen size, memory, input capabilities or even operating system. Different methods of interaction create different context that must be responded accordingly. Hence the application implements the principle of dynamic design, so that it adapts to the context at hand. Business Process Management The platform adopts a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and helps the organization respond more rapidly to changing business requirements by composing new solutions from existing business services.

Factory Automation

Factory Automation Solution We have offerings of the system to be implemented in your factories. We expert in data monitoring system, Apparently we able to provide any suitable solutions. Furthermore, several system solution from Japan could increase work capacity while reduce production cost of your factories. Specialized Fields POKAYOKE Data Logging Label Printing Warehouse Management System(WMS) Paperless Technology Application LOGI-REVO software package

High quality gemstones

Mystery set specialist We work with the highest quality gemstones. The very best, regardless of size, to create the unique ornament pieces. That's what makes it so interesting. Here, I'm adjusting the stone. Furthermore, each technique is specific to the gem-setter. In our company, we are capable of various gem-cutting techniques.

Private group service

Private group tour service Family group, group of friends or private organization, VIP group, group tour, study group, study, meeting, seminar Tourism as a reward for customers We have a team of experts ready to help design international travel trips as needed. And returned with an impression Do not worry whether it is expensive or to contact us for information. We are happy to help you to travel. Make every trip you have a special moment. Which you can specify your own budget Or a group to see a special event Shanghai China, Beijing, Guangzhou, Singapore, Tokyo, Europe such as China Plas, Furniture, Plastic, Aquatech China, LED CHINA, Food, Communic Asia, MAISON & OBJET, EUROBIKE, K Plastics and Rubber, DRUPA: International Fair for Printing and Paper, GLASSTEC International Glass Trade Fair.Machinery - Equipment, KIND + JUGEND International Baby, ANUGA World's largest International Food Industry Fair in Cologne, Hannover Messe, Isalone Milan and many more, held annually in the capital.

Mobile Racking

Mobile rack is a mobile storage layer. Making it possible to maximize the utilization of warehouse space. And access to products with convenience and security. The storage system is driven by an electric motor drives the wheels. The PLC control system (PLC control), high security, which makes the company's Thailand International Ltd. formats can be designed to suit its structure and warehouse space. Effectively Features and intended use - Customers can access product was 100%. - For products with slow disbursement. - Maximum load capacity ranging from 500 to 1,000 kg / pallet. - can store up to 10 meters. - storage of goods in many categories. Industrial use Shelf mobile rack. - industrial chemicals - manufacture of automotive components. - Paint Industry - Industrial Products

Selective Racking

The storage systems at maximum efficiency with minimum cost and allows access to all pallets direct access to 100% of the shares and turnover as well. Pallet can access and mobility, to be able to handle palletised goods quickly. A fine beam and easily accommodate the height of pallet types. Pallets can be placed on a lower floor for storage. This reduces the cost of the structure. You can also raise the bar for a handful of basic as well. Features and intended use - customers have access to 100% of the product, whether any point of the model. Sea shelves Marek active. - Maximum load capacity ranging from 500 to 2,000 kg / set. - Can be installed Shelves Full FC Terek Active Rack up to 12 meters (depending on usage Battery client). - Adjust panel antenna is easy. And support the pallet formats. - Volkswagen bus has space for an elevator from 2.7 to 4 meters (depending on usage Battery client). Industrial use Sea shelves Marek active. - Publishing Industry - Furniture Industry - Industrial Chemicals - Industrial parts manufacturer Electronic - manufacture of automotive components. - Food and Beverages

Continueus Lift / Goods lift / Scissors lift

Elevators lift its ongoing As an alternative to transport goods such as boxes, trays, packages, bags, pallets and other from one floor to another at high speed constantly. And transporting large volumes Elevators lift its continuous vertical are two versions of the Z-type rate of conveyor speed continuous 30 pieces per minute, and the C-type rate of conveyor speed continuous 24 pieces per minute, which effectively conveying this up. the size And the weight of goods transported from 1-50 kg per piece. Conveyor system can be used for transport in the upward direction, downward direction and up and down. The vertical lift can carry up to 30 meters high elevator lift its continuous vertical sizes to match the size of your product. And to reduce the space required for elevators. Design vertical conveyor is designed according to meet your needs. And capable of transporting each category. Elevators lift its continuous vertical. A conveyor system that saves energy. And no maintenance compared to conventional conveyor systems.

QA09O Multi-purpose engine – Kaiser KE460FE.

18Hp Multi-purpose engine with key switch. Engine type: 4 stroke gasoline engine starter : 2 systems (pull start/key switch) cylinder volume : 460 CC cylinder bore x swept volume : 92x69 mm horsepower : 18 Hp, net power 8.5 Kw/3600 rpm fuel tank capacity : 6 litters size : 500x440x525 net weight : 33 KG.

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