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Phatra Asset Corporation Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and designer of packaging parts and cushioning materials. For the automotive electronics industry And other industries With a continuous focus on management and quality control To increase production efficiency For customers to get maximum satisfaction

Brass Valve Maker with 53-year experience

Air-Conditioner, Refrigeration, Fan, Ventilation, Air Handling Unit, AHU, OAU, Air Purifier, Chillers, Evaporative Air Cooler, Heatpump, Air to Water Heatpump, VRF, Residential Air-Conditioner, Comercial Air-Conditioner, Industrial Air-Conditioner

I.T. Foods Industries Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of frozen food products for more than 29 years. The company is located at Samutsakhon Industrial Estate, Samutsakhon province is the central of Thailand. Raw materials are supplied or delivered to the factory which are selected by emphasis on quality, freshness and safety is the key through standardized production processes at every stage then deliver to customers.

Plastic Solutions For all Applications

TCFF is the first company in Thailand to produce natural essential oils and is even today one of only a few companies worldwide that control the whole process of production from the collecting of raw plant materials, distilling essential oils and creating and producing finished fragrance and flavour compounds that go into thousands of consumer, household and industrial products worldwide.

Printing house, design, print media, signage shop, print design, online printing house

Fluid Mechanical Supply Co., Ltd. (FMS) is an importer and distributor of high quality industrial products from abroad. Operating in Thailand for over 30 years

Import-distribution Small bulbs for industrial machines, amusement parks

Tomco Company, Participating in Optimization Date printer And technology in the production line of customers in food, beverages, at the forefront of Thailand Along with providing comprehensive maintenance support with a 24-hour customer factory staff.
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Quality Certified ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 The scope of activities covered by this certificate is defined below : Design-Manufacturing: of Tooling, Jig-Fixtures Automation & Light Industrial Machine. Design-Manufacturing-Repair-Modify: of Mold&Die. Manufacturing-Repair-Modify: of Printing & Industrial Roller, Machine Part. Welding: of industrial Structure.

Bangna Warehouse factory Storage for rent near Suvarnabhumi airport โกดัง คลังสินค้า โรงงานให้เช่า บางนา บางปะกง ฉะเชิงเทรา

โกดังให้เช่าติดบางนา-ตราด ใกล้สนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ แหลมฉบัง ✅ใบรง.4 ใกล้นิคมเวลโกลล์ อมตะนคร ‘ตอบสนองทุกฟังก์ชันของSME’ Warehouse/ factory for rent at Bangna-Trad Near Suvarnabhumi international airport 便利な倉庫を借りる 方便仓库出租 **400-9000 sqm.Available Call 0811478118 ID: 0811478118 whatsapp +66-811478118 - 离素万那普国际机场进(使用高速BURAPHAVITHI或MOTORWAY)。 - 离WELLGROW INDUSTRIAL ESTATE 6 公里 - 离BANGPAKONG码头 15 公里(通过BANGNA-TRAD路使用 18 分钟)。 - 离 LAEM CHABANG码头 54 公里。 - 离曼谷码头(KLONG TOEY)50 公里(使用 38 分钟)。 - 混凝土场/放货柜面积 8,000 平方米。 - 大广场 7,000平方米。 交通方便,离高速路近,很适合做工厂、办公室、库存或放货柜。 生活便利,离NUMTHAI市场、IKEA MEGABANGNA、BANGPAKONG医院、JURARAT11医院、BANGPAKONG We also have other land and warehouses in chachengsao, Rayong, Trad, Huahin. #ktthaiwarehouse #natree #โกดัง บางนา #โรงงาน บางนา #โกดัง ให้เช่า #โรงงาน ให้เช่า #ให้เช่าโกดัง #ให้เช่าโรงงาน #ให้เช่าคลังสินค้า #โกดัง บางปะกง #โรงงาน บางปะกง #โกดัง สุวรรณภูมิ#โกดัง ใกล้ แหลมฉบัง #warehouse bangna #storage bangna #warehouse Welgrow #warehouse Amata nakorn #warehouse near Suvarnabhumi airport #warehouse near leamchabang port #warehouse #availability #airports #bangna #bangnatrad #eec #chachoengsao #premium #warehouseforrent #smefactory #highquality #เช่าคลังสินค้า #factory #forrent #bangpakong #sme

Embedded System

We are professional in Embedded System. Design and Development of Industrial Systems related to Firmware for Microcontroller, User interface, System software application and device drivers on various OS. We can provide the complete embedded system software with one stop service solution. Specialized Fields MCU Firmware Development (Multitasking, Bare Metal Embedded Linux Software Development Customized Linux Platform OS Device Driver Development HILS/SILS in Automotive Field Software Assistance for Embedded Device Technology Programming Language C/C++/C# Python Framework, Standards and Application IEEE1888:Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network Protocol UML Modeling Language RTOS (ulTRON, FreeRTOS) Jennet-IP .NET Mbed Achievement Smart Meter Data Concentrator Unit Energy Measurement Unit Linux BSP U-Boot Customization


Pro Master Tech Co., Ltd. distributes industrial networking equipment as follows           1. Industrial Switch           2. Industrial Network Accessories           3. Industrial Network Management           4. Industrial Wireless


- ready to use, no need to install - Laminate Sureface, Water resistant, can be used in the kitchen - Powder Color coating industrial grade - light weigth, move easily - Very Durable, Hold up to 120KG weight

Industrial Light

High Bay Light (UFO), Flood Light Luminous Flux 8000-40000 lm, 50w-250w. Beam angle: 120 degree,

Mobile Racking

Mobile rack is a mobile storage layer. Making it possible to maximize the utilization of warehouse space. And access to products with convenience and security. The storage system is driven by an electric motor drives the wheels. The PLC control system (PLC control), high security, which makes the company's Thailand International Ltd. formats can be designed to suit its structure and warehouse space. Effectively Features and intended use - Customers can access product was 100%. - For products with slow disbursement. - Maximum load capacity ranging from 500 to 1,000 kg / pallet. - can store up to 10 meters. - storage of goods in many categories. Industrial use Shelf mobile rack. - industrial chemicals - manufacture of automotive components. - Paint Industry - Industrial Products

Selective Racking

The storage systems at maximum efficiency with minimum cost and allows access to all pallets direct access to 100% of the shares and turnover as well. Pallet can access and mobility, to be able to handle palletised goods quickly. A fine beam and easily accommodate the height of pallet types. Pallets can be placed on a lower floor for storage. This reduces the cost of the structure. You can also raise the bar for a handful of basic as well. Features and intended use - customers have access to 100% of the product, whether any point of the model. Sea shelves Marek active. - Maximum load capacity ranging from 500 to 2,000 kg / set. - Can be installed Shelves Full FC Terek Active Rack up to 12 meters (depending on usage Battery client). - Adjust panel antenna is easy. And support the pallet formats. - Volkswagen bus has space for an elevator from 2.7 to 4 meters (depending on usage Battery client). Industrial use Sea shelves Marek active. - Publishing Industry - Furniture Industry - Industrial Chemicals - Industrial parts manufacturer Electronic - manufacture of automotive components. - Food and Beverages

Traffic equipment

The standard traffic equipment used in highway, industry, and parking lot to increase more traffic safety.

Tractors for industrial plants

We distribute tractors used for industrial plants and design, manufacture of peripherals. According to customer needs for a variety of industrial applications.

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