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Get up to all kinds of rubber work

Good quality footwear products


Your hands are in good hands

1.Thermoform natural rubber for DIY, design, mold, mend. 2.Non-flabby and non-slippery materials for sport and health 3.Tracing rubber for tool marks and human identification 4.Plastic & bioplastic injection products and service.

PlanToys® = การเล่นอย่างยั่งยืน

Fog Engineers handling all aspects of spray nozzles

GOLDCITY gives you confidence in every step. Because we believe that every step is possible Destiny is ours.

Over 18 years in taking care of important customers including hotels, factories, restaurants, hospitals, let us help to keep clean according to hygiene principles.

We are proud to offer a wide range of machines to meet all screen printing needs. Requirements. We offer locally produced and imported machinery for advance printing. Printing and after printing
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Rubber shoes

produce sponge shoes under the trademark Bonthong, Chang Bonthong, RUBPER, MOOVE using high quality rubber raw materials. Combined with a long experience and efficient machines in production. To get good quality footwear products With experience in operating shoes All management and employees of the company are ready to serve. And embrace suggestions From customers with willingness to develop products and services for the better "

Get up to all kinds of rubber work

Produce and forming all types of rubber workpieces Buy / sell all types of tires Produce all types of molds, rubber workpieces Provide machinery for the production of rubber workpieces.


There is an academic quality certification. And can test the quality with a standardized testing laboratory.

S.A.P.Chitosan Solution for plants fertilizer

Usage of S.A.P.Chitosan Solution for plant – Put a seed in solution before plant : 20 cc. mix water 1 lite 12-24 hours before grow. – Rice : 40 cc. mix water 20 lites spray all plant every15-20days –Flower : 10-20 cc. mix water 20 lites spray all plant and around the ground every 7-10 days. – Vegetable : 20 cc. mix water 20 lites spray all plant and around the ground every 7-10 days. – Fruit ,Rubber, Palm : 40 cc. mix water 20 lites every 15-20 days. For the fruit use Chitosan can help the customer keep the fruit longer. Increase Shelf life of the fruit For Rubber use chitosan in the cut to prevent the fungus and the wound will be healed faster. Indication: can use mix with every fertilizer. Keep without sunshine and shake gallon before use Quantity 10,000 cartons/month (12 bottles(1 lite/bottle)/carton) price USD 10-15 /bottle F.O.B.

latex and rubber tree mattress and furniture

Latex mattress is produced from the whole lump of 100% natural latex. The flexibility is high and it can support the body to make us sleep well as well as being relieved from the pain and ache.

SES RFID tag technology from the creation of the Far East

Things that SES RFID will improve: + Resource planning because each tag has its own unique ID + Inspect the product without seeing + Check multiple inventory in one scan + Embed in products such as pallets, clothes, rubber, etc. + Monitoring under harsh environments (-25 ° C to 100 ° C) + Improve the efficiency of existing ERP systems: Increase monitoring and resource allocation for maximum benefit

Mowers / Mowers

Hard and soft backpacks mower Brush cutter, 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine 4 wheeled mower Honda (Honda) 2-wheeled lawn mower, solid rubber wheels and pneumatic tires Mitsubishi drill rigs (MITSUBISHI) - 2 stroke petrol engine cooled by air -There are drilling head sizes 6 "and 8" KAWASAKI Backpacking Grass Trimmer - 2 stroke petrol engine cooled by air - The latest KAWASAKI engine Kojima Backpackers / Shinwa (SHINWA) - Available in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol engines - Mower size 26, 32.8 and 40.2 cc -There are both lawnmower (shoulder) and lawn mower (backpack) Honda brush cutter (HONDA) - 4 stroke petrol engine cooled by air -There are both lawnmower (shoulder) and lawn mower (backpack) Rabbit Mower Backpack (Formerly Robin) - 2 stroke petrol engine cooled by air - Engine size 40.2 cc Mitsubishi mower knapsack (mitsubishi) - 2 stroke petrol engine cooled by air -There are both lawnmower (shoulder) and lawn mower (backpack) GOLDEN DRAGON Marco Mower - Mowers have both 2 wheels and 3 wheels versions - Mower wheels with solid rubber wheels and pneumatic tires Honda lawn mower (HONDA) - Air-cooled 4-stroke petrol engine model GXV-160 - 4 wheel lawn mower with both trolleys And automatic Lancer blades (LANCER) Knapsack mowers are sold with accessories such as a 3-blade disc set, square blade. Papaya-style blades, size 12 "14" and 16 ", circular saw blade 80 teeth, size 10", ligament cutter Safety glasses to prevent the rubble from splattering into the eyes. During the mowing

Food - grade export wooden salad bowl

With more than 40 years experiences, K.T. Thai Local Product Co., LTD is manufacturer and exporter of wooden kitchenware worldwide more than 20 years. We specializes in various Teak & Rubberwood & Acacia wooden kitchenware ranging from cutting boards, salad bowls, trays, etc. We also have varieties of numerous precious carvings such as elephants, cats, buffaloes, monkeys, candle holders, table, salad bowl, vases, forks &spoons, hermit, home room dividers& screens, etc. This is suitable for adornment, kitchenware usages, Souveniors to family, friends, seniors in various occasions such as new year, birthday, new house ceremony, etc. We offer in high-quality with affordable price from factory. Both retail and wholesale prices are available. Also, distributors are welcome! The more you buy, the better special promotion you get. Please contact us for more information on whatsapp : +66811478118, Line ID : @natree or find more examples on our products on

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