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Kruanapat Food Products Co., Ltd. Thailand. We are a professional supplier of sauces. Best quality of raw materials were sourced from local, only the freshest. Always maintaining the highest level of quality standard : FDA, HALAL, GMP, HACCP and BRC. We are manufacturer of sauces since 2005. - Sweet Chili sauce - Sriracha Spicy Chili sauce - Sukiyaki sauce - Seafood Poultry sauce - Spicy Salad dressing

Food Processing and Biotechnology อาหารแปรรูปและเทคโนโลยีชีวภาพ

Kruanapat Food Products Co., Ltd. It is a company producing and selling products the sauce under the brand "KRUANAPAT" delicious simple at home. We sell products in the market for more than 10 years now. We have products for sale in modern shopping malls and stores nationwide.

Our Company was produce Sauce, dressingdnk Packing

Red Kidney Bean, Green Mung Bean, Soy Bean, Black Pelun Bean, White Bean, Pearl Barley, Chilli Paste, Rice-seasoning with 5 colors bean,etc.

We focus on 'Create Thai products That understands the international users'

Herbal salted egg products, developed from normal salted eggs and herbs

Mou Jang (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of jam and ginger chili sauce under the brand "In Train", has been granted the GMP standard OTOP, Community Product Standards (CMU) and Thai products. (Ministry of Public Health)

Fish sauce, Spicy dipping sauce

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Pad Thai Noodle Cooking Set

Pad Thai Noodle Pad Thai Sauces Dry Roasted Cashew Chili Powder

Flavor enhancer or food seasoning TS-TIDE (I+G)

The product is used in a variety of foods such as snacks, fish sauce, canned food, meatball, soy sauce, and chicken-flavor seasoning to enhance the taste of foods. In addition, it helps in reducing the cost because of using in small quantities, easy to transport and safe for consumers.

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