Powerful tips of social media video for B2B companies in the 2020s


In the B2B market, most executives think that Social media video is a technique for communicating with consumers on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook only (Business-to-Consumer), not just for business groups. (Business-to-Business), but East Brock Founder Brian Brodeur thinks the video is very useful for B2B customers. This reflects the organizational culture, leadership, mission of the organization, examples of company successes, demonstrations or explanations of products, ideologies, goals, as well as CEO's views on that industry via media on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Clips length should be 60 seconds, the longest 90 seconds, but not more than 180 seconds.


  1. Focus on knowledge instead of selling

Strategic consultant Blair Wadman said: "It must make customers feel that you are providing useful knowledge to them. Make them understand and solve problems better. An ongoing presentation will help customers get more information about your product. Until they are confident that you are what they seek. And when they are ready, they will pull out the purse. And become your long-term buyer".David Armano, senior vice president of digital marketing firm, Edelman Digital said that" The important thing is creating value through opinion leadership".


  1. Create clips that are suitable for viewing on mobile phones.

YouTube is the second most popular and active search engine after Google. More than half of videos viewing are watch on mobile. Which has increased by 233% since 2013 and as many as 57% of LinkedIn users access via mobile. While 94% of B2B marketers return to website content and most importantly, 80% of B2B customers come from LinkedIn, as LinkedIn has more than five times more interaction.


  1. Establish a connection with the target audience

LinkedIn helps you reach the right goals with accuracy. Regardless of any industry, position, region, any query, comment, clicking Like, clicking Share is good ways for creating business relationship.


  1. Create an advantage over competitors

While most B2B companies overlook the importance of social media video. Giving you an advantage over them. Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane had stated in the Moneyball script that, "When your enemies are making mistakes, Don't interrupt them". "


  1. Empowered sales teams with new tools for use in presentations and closing sales.

Videos that are cleverly designed will attract the eye, make it reliable and memorable. More powerful than two-sided publications or two paragraphs of email. Giving the sales team a new way to open conversations and close sales. Investing on your video will increase your return quickly.


  1. Measure the quantity and quality of your efforts

Continuously communicate with customers with improved quality video clips. In line with analysis to help with planning. As well as measuring the quantity and quality of your efforts. Also, be careful about soliciting social media users that they respond to posts. Otherwise, you may be seen as a spammer.


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Link: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/343441

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