Digital consumption: new battlegrounds for engaging digital customers


Enterprises need to constantly reinvent their offerings to keep up with rapidly evolving expectations of digital customers.

Businesses have always raced to keep up with changing customer expectations, but since the beginning of the 21st century, something remarkable has happened. A series of rapid technological advances have contributed to the transformation of customer expectations while simultaneously providing enterprises with the digital tools to create the beguiling experiences that are now needed to satisfy customers.

Today, companies are offering experiences that customers would not have imagined were possible five years ago, let alone become a part of their everyday lives. The race to deliver what ‘on-demand customers’ want has sped up dramatically. These expectations now transcend traditional industry barriers, with customers expecting similar quality of experiences across the products and services they consume.

Present and future generations have expectations that are markedly different than those of the past. Raised as digital natives, they not only adopt new technologies faster, but can also imagine for themselves how these technologies can be used to improve their lives, making them much harder to surprise

The present and future generations have very different expectations than in the past. Elevating to being a digital native, they not only But quickly adopted new technology But can also imagine for yourself how these technologies can be used to improve their lives

All enterprises – whether in the B2C or B2B world, whether in developed or emerging markets – need to focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Three battlegrounds for engaging the digital customer

We have identified three areas that are emerging as battlegrounds to attract and retain customers in a digital world:



Products and services to experiences

In today’s digital economy, offering just goods and services is no longer enough for businesses to achieve success. A number of companies are using digital technologies to offer customers unique and unforgettable experiences, as an increasingly important differentiator alongside the quality of their core offering.

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