Online Marketing Strategy.

  1. Utilizing social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, and others because it is a medium that people at every age generally use almost everywhere. The important thing is we must study customer behavior. For example, Facebook customers like to see pictures and read the accompanying post. Which we should also have beautiful images with a clear message, or a clear, concise video.
  2. Make content to be short, concise, easy to understand, interesting, strange, and unique in creative ways. Making the audience continuously like, click, and share them widely. Especially in video content, it appears that after watching a video, 64% of viewers tend to buy that product.
  3. Advertise through the net idol or the page that many people follow will help our products reach the target audience quickly.
  4. Create a business location (Location) for people to check-in. Especially in the restaurant business, it is quite an effective one.
  5. Use the web or application as a medium for selling products. Currently, there are many famous brands that customers like to shop. Because there are varieties of products and have a great promotion. Sometimes it is not necessary items, but people tend to buy it.
  6. Enabling various channels for customers to assess. Especially on mobile phones. The Global Digital 2019 survey on We Are Social and Hootsuite compiled from all over the world found that mobile phone users are more than 65% of the world's population.
  7. Making ordering steps as easy as possible. Minimal ordering steps. Do not cause customers to be bored with ordering products. Enabling a way for customers to contact the sellers easily to make customers the confidence to order that product.
  8. Checking the response to improve the marketing strategy to make it more interesting, such as web visitor statistics, number of likes and shares.
  9. Always create a good trend to create recognition and credibility.
  10. Use the mascot as an image. By designing it to convey the business with an interesting name that will create a memorable image as well as selling the product.

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