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If you consider about social media marketing that is close to you, of course, Facebook should be in the choice of many people because not only having the highest user base in the world, it is also the world's highest user base. It can also make targeted ads quite deep and detailed. With the COVID-19 situation, Facebook Group has found that it can actually increase organic reach, with Facebook's latest algorithm designed to give users more access to group posts. The group post will be displayed on the feed page.

Another reason is that Facebook wants to promote more community platforms, user interaction, and brand tracking, so it is no surprise that Facebook Group has over 1.4 billion users in 10 million groups. Facebook Group is, therefore, a way to communicate that brands should study more. If your brand has not started marketing in Facebook Group yet and wants to know how to succeed, today we are going to take you to learn together.


How to use Facebook Groups effectively

  1. Make the rules clear

In order for members within the group to understand the group's objectives and prevent conflicts within the group, for example:

- Do not offer loans, installments, pawns, mortgages.

- Do not advertise for overs sale of goods and services.

- Do not sell non-owned or properly reseller.

- Do not post hate speech.

- Don't post irrelevant content

- Respect the privacy of members.

- Do not sell illegal goods such as tax evasion, copyright infringement of thieves, illegal drug.

- Reports of users behaving inappropriately



  1. Set group goals

In a marketing strategy, setting goals is a cue for the outcome of the plan. For Facebook Group is also be like that way. Brands should determine the purpose of creating a group; why create a group, created for customer service, for engagement, or for merchandising. The goal will determine the execution pattern in the future. Group name, group details and group contents should clearly reflect the purpose of the group.


  1. Build engagement

To increase marketing efficiency, participation is one of the best ways. Brands can use tools to study a group of members for what interests they have, when they are on social media. For all activities is for on-the-spot communication.


Benefits of having Facebook group

  1. Create a gathering place for customers, making it easier to reach customers.

Bringing together customers with the same interests and preferences, it will build small community. So, it can be controlled by brand as community administrators in order to make an opportunity for brands to build more confidence in their customers than other channels


  1. Group members are the target groups.

Facebook Group is like a shortcut to reaching your audience because members are the ones who choose to enter the group. Therefore, members are ready to be informed and engaged with the brand. If you put a good communication strategy in the right place, you can obtain more and more customers.



  1. Strengthen customer relationships

We can serve customers in the group immediately. When we post a message, whether it is promoting a business, product or service or educating relevant contents. These are guaranteed to satisfy our customers and support our products/brands.

Additional tips within the customer group will be to communicate with each other. We can observe behaviors and needs to ensure customer satisfaction


  1. Help create opportunities to promote our products/brands

Another online sales channel from Facebook can be sold for free!. There are highlights that can be announced for sale in the amount of people. A page store is unnecessary with a product search filter function, such as product type, minimum-maximum price and Location near buyer


  1. Optimize algorithms for Facebook Group

Facebook has adjusted its algorithm to focus more on group postings. According to Facebook pages have been reduced, it will lead to that friends, families and groups are given precedence.  The marketers should study Facebook Groups more, which will help to reduce advertising costs and reach more audiences.



Facebook Group is a brand communication guide that should be studied more, and should not be overlooked. It would be easy to proceed and cost-effective. More than that there is also be used as a cognitive tool for increased sale and customer relationship. In additional to this, if you put a good communication strategy in the right place, it will benefit the brand in long-term business. The trick is to understand members within the group and meet customer needs and expectations


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