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Let's get to know "Data-Driven Marketing", a helper that should not be overlooked.

“Data-Driven Marketing" we believe that many people have started to hear this term more often in the past 2020. It is a tool that many businesses pay attention to and apply it to improve products and services to meet their customer needs. Increasing business opportunities to grow is the additional benefit of “Data-Driven Marketing". What is Data-Driven Marketing? Today we will take everyone to know this wonderful marketing word.     

What is Data-Driven Marketing?


          Data-Driven Marketing is marketing using data for performing process, or to explain it more, it is to take a certain amount of information that we collect from people or customers (It must be subject to European GDPR* and Thai PDPA**) to analyze for customer insights and used to adjust marketing strategies to meet the customers' requirements, helping to create business opportunities, reaching more target audience, and rising sales.

Why should we choose Data-Driven Marketing?


  1. Understanding customer behavior and needs for further use in personalized marketing

          Data analysis to understand the behavior of prospects who will become future customers, including making brand loyalty. This will help to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to get to know their target audience better. This data was analyzed by demography, social media behavior and customer journey in order to continue in the marketing personalization by creating products that are more relevant

  1. Using data in strategic decisions

          Running an online business requires a marketing strategy that is suitable for the ever-changing environment. Each business has different consumer groups in different areas. There are different distributions and advertising channels. If there is able to reach the information that will be further developed, the next strategic decision will be sharper. Moreover, your business will gain a competitive advantage by using data to create superior products and services. Make it ready to compete in the long-term future!

  1. Data-driven marketing helps product development

          Even your products and services are full of high-quality and be useful for users/customers in terms of service. However, if the marketers lack of data using to analyze the target audience, it may cause sales to not meet the target set. Because your products are not in demand in that group of consumers. Therefore, using information in online marketing will strongly impact to brands in way of product design.

  1. Responding to customers in real-time

          Instant customer interaction makes it easier for customers to reach your brand and more chances to close sales. Due to “Data-Driven Marketing” can be enabling target audiences to reach brands anytime, anywhere, and the advancement of analytics like Machine Learning that can collect huge amounts of data in fractions of a second. This will allow brands to analyze channels that customers use to access their products. What content do you want? or any campaign that meets the target audience.



  1. Maintaining customer relationship, especially loyal customer.

          By using the information, we can have better strategy to take care of our loyal customers. To build a good relationship between buyers and sellers would impress the buyer and lead to continuous purchase by taking behavior from the website behavior and insights system analysis from social media channels to analyze and verify that what kind of advertising is right for users or what kind of content should be made? This information is necessarily seen the customer more precisely.

  1. Increasing efficiency in omnichannel optimization marketing.

          Responding to customer expectations will allow you to learn how effective your service is and how long you can keep your customers. It can also collect information that will be useful for future business planning, and you can have an excellent budget plan for marketing more efficiently.

In summary, doing “Data-Driven Marketing” is taking what we can crystallize from collecting customer data, needs and behaviors to do something useful. This article will help you get to know more about “Data-Driven Marketing” and help you grow your business even more.


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