The noticeable Marketing Trend in 2021 with “Digital Marketing”


The noticeable Marketing Trend in 2021 with “Digital Marketing”

From the 2020, it can be seen as the year of online disruption that businesses and brands have heavily adapted to online channels. Due to the situation of the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus which continues to affect until 2021, causing many people to aware to the situation. Today we will talk about the trends of Digital Marketing that should not be overlooked in 2021.


  1. Increasing of content, from streaming live and influencer

          As offline events have been cancelled from lately, to stay at home is regulated. Online activities are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Based on statistics during the lockdown period, the number of live viewers on Facebook has increased by 50%, as well as on Instagram that has gone up 70% or even on Tik Tok, which has seen a significant increase of usage, both from the general, influencer or even a celebrity to make more variety of content. This can create brand valuation and drive sales with attractive content via online platform.


  1. Understanding in what the customers need.

          The 2021 Hootsuite Social Trends report has showed that “The smartest brands understand how they fit into the lives of their customers on social media and they will find the creative ways to communicate with their customers.”

          In order to win customers, it's important not to forget for brands is to make consumers feel that they understand them well, and always be honest with customers. This is one of the strategies that help brands reach consumers well. The more brand knows about their target audience, the more brand can connect brand’s word to customer’s world by binding from their needs or interests. Again! for the important thing is be sincere, the easiest way for consumers to trust and be loyal in the brand.


  1. Giving heed to environment

          According to statistics, about 81% of consumers feel that brands can somehow have way to contribute to improving the environment, by using raw materials which are friendly to nature. This is an issue that has been widely discussed in the past 2-3 years, especially packaging changing, some has begun to turn to environmentally friendly or biodegradable products. However, environmental conscious issue will definitely be another important trend in 2021, which brands must urgently address this problem clearly for furfure packaging development.


  1. Social standpoint

          As you have seen over the past year, there were many incidents, both nationally and globally, that people get together and express their opinions, like in the Black Lives Matter case. Accenture has demonstrated that Cultural changing led to consolidation and effect to buyer behavior. For example, 41% of shoppers said they might change their minds from brands who do not take a stand on socially sensitive issues, and 29% said they would definitely change their minds if brands ignore it. Thus, it becomes another challenge for brands to decide how to act appropriately and the consumers are dramatically influent.


  1. Simple content is a good content

           Making content that is easily accessible, It is one thing that brands should take a lot of attention. The mentioned content is not only just insight content within, but also includes presentations in a simple way. Because a good content is content that no matter what story it is presented, it should be accessible and easy to understand by consumers. So, there is no surprise that podcasts are becoming more and more popular with people. You do not have to read it yourself, but you can access the content and stories in a flavorful way from the style of the narrator. At the same time, it means brands can infuse themselves into this kind of content. to reach consumers


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