What is the reason why brands should not overlook on Instagram?


Presently our world has been revolved around the internet. Online media is what connects many people around the world. At the same time, various platforms that use to connect to each other are emerging again and always evolving. Instagram is one of the platforms that is very influential on internet users or various online media. In this article, we will summarize 8 reasons why Instagram is an attractive choice for businesses to marketing.


1. More than 1 billion people around the world use Instagram.

From the past statistics for each year, Instagram's follower and user count statistics will be claimed, showing more statistics than other platforms such as Facebook or even YouTube. In the 2020s, Instagram's users have increased by more than 1 billion monthly.

From the above information, it is something that helps create an advantage for your business or brand more than other platforms. It is because, in addition, it's easy to use. It can also reach a large number of people. Therefore, the brand that has its own Instagram account is a must thing to do. 

2. Over 28 minutes that people spent time on Instagram.

In the United States in 2020, on average, most people spend about 28 minutes per day on Instagram. This number has kept increasing for about 1 minute since 2016, while in Asia it is expected the trend to increase as well. Therefore, choosing to use a marketing strategy for each platform is important. It is because each platform can meet different needs and reach different customers groups. For example, Instagram's user group will help in creating content that can attract users to follow the brand or have more interaction.

3. Having an Instagram will attract more customers to your brand.

Instagram is primarily focused on posting images or video content. This is the hallmark of Instagram. More than 78% of users look at Instagram as a center of various ages users from all around the world, and it can reach a large number of people, and 77% look at it is a creative platform. If a brand focuses on marketing on Instagram, it will be able to attract more customers because Instagram is a very prominent medium in terms of creating identity and express their own creativity and can able to fully demonstrate their own lifestyle.

4. The source of the new generation is Instagram.

For businesses or brands that have customer target as a teenager, college-aged or just starting working, Instagram is a suitable area. It is because the average age of Instagram users is 18-24 years, based on Pew data. In addition to this, the most important to help attract an audience that brands should not forget is creating a lifestyle or identity that is outstanding and creative for the brand.

5. Influencers use Instagram.

Past surveys found that more than 92% of influencers use Instagram primarily, for reaching targets as marketing issues or update new campaigns to consumers. As a result, in 2020, more than 69% of businesses or brands spent their marketing budget with influencers. It is estimated that in 2021, Instagram will still be popular. Therefore, businesses or brands that do not yet have the means to contact or promote their products and services on Instagram are strongly encouraged to understand how to use Instagram.

6. Easier to reach customers with IG stories.

If you are a brand that wants to reach a target audience who favorite to use Instagram regularly, Instagram Stories (IG Stories) is a type of content that is essential. Although IG Story is changing the next story content within 15 seconds, it is easy to watch the next story immediately by a swipe from right to left. If we create content that attracts and reaches the right target audience, IG stories is another tool that is very easy to attract customers. One of the interesting data from the Facebook survey is over 200 million Instagram users per day view the stories, a popular user feature. It can be said that it is a feature that is very suitable for marketing.

7. Instagram is a platform for advertising.

Instagram has a program called “shoppable posts” that allows businesses to add hashtags on their photos or hashtags under the picture with product description, price, or various details. It will automatically link to users to the online store. Advertising on this platform can be done in a variety of ways. The popular features on this platform that businesses use such as IG Stories, Short Videos, Photos, etc. There is also another advantage: We can link advertising or ad campaigns between Instagram and Facebook platforms.

8. Shopping feature on Instagram is fast growing.

Online shopping trend is increasing trend in the present. Making online trading can happen anywhere, anytime, not just on the website. E-market is something that businesses should pay a lot of attention to because nowadays people prefer pictures more than text which is mainly making decisions.

This will make the platform more attractive than others, besides, if you can shop on a single platform, it will make it easy with responding to their target audience more conveniently. Instagram has added this online shopping feature to Instagram and it is considered to have received quite a good response. This is another feature that marketers are admired and turned into a fast-growing platform.

It can be seen that using Instagram is another marketing channel that can significantly increase brand awareness. And nowadays it is a platform that can be used as a channel that can be made a sale, too.


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