How influencers are important to brand in 2021


          As you can see, over the past year, The trend of using influencers to promote products or services has become increasingly popular, becoming one of the most attractive marketing trends for business people and brands. According to influencers’ followers are a large number of individuals who may be matched to our target audience.

          So, in 2021, let's see what changes happen that brands and influencers need to learn and adapt to moving forward.

  1. Micro-influencers will increase.

          Although Influencers have not as many followers as artists and actors, it is also called a very influential group on various social media channels. In addition, user engagement is also higher because the content presentation of these Micro-Influencers is created by themselves. Therefore, this makes each one unique, which reflects the characteristics of their followers. This makes it easier for brands to choose those who represent the brand and helps brands to connect their products or services to those followers and communicate more to their target audience.

          In 2022, 46.4% of brand mentions through advertised hashtags will be kept on Instagram, an account with few followers. Compared to actresses, we can predict that in 2021, businesses or brands will be investing 50% more in advertising with this group of individuals, and it is important to keep an eye on influencers that are specific groups as they become more popular in the future.

  1. Influencer marketing growth.

          As you know nowadays, advertising is now increasingly changing from offline to online, and this is likely to continue. What brands need to learn more about is to look for ways to communicate more with their online target audience. Based on global market forecasts, Influencer marketing is expected to grow by 15% in 2021, up from 2020, but even growing is still not very high due to the covid-19 pandemic that may cause brands to still control their spending.

          However, Influencer Marketing is also something that brands in the digital age should focus on online marketing. To make the brand to be known in order to make better purchase decisions.

  1. Choose an influencer who makes VDO Content.

          As consumers increasingly turn to video content media, especially short video clips and social media have also turned to pay more attention to video content. Therefore, looking for Influencers who can do Video Content, will be an excellent choice. In a different opinion. Influencers themselves should be adapted to create more video content on several online platforms i.e., YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, or Facebook, as evidenced by short video content or Hashtag Challenges, it's growing in popularity.

  1. Using AI and Machine Learning to prove influencer.

          Maintaining a brand image is extremely important. In particular, what is published on various media channels needs to be taken into account very much? So, many companies are still hesitant to work with influencers because some of them do not have real followers. Many people have verified that their followers are bots rather than real people, so brands that will be working with them should make sure that this is a real influencer and is a good fit for our campaign.

          In 2021, brands should use technologies like AI to help collect proven insights. Transparency of tracking and ensuring confidence to marketers work better with Influencers.

  1. B2B business with using influencer marketing.

          Although Influencer Marketing may not be built for B2B businesses, in the future influencer marketing will play a greater role, and working in the B2B business model will definitely differ differently from B2C. as follows

  • Choosing influence experts or influencers with specialized expertise can be challenging for many companies, this is the reason why business owners have to collaborate with media channels to obtain business information about influencers that can be worked with, especially those in that particular industry.
  • Customers will be market leaders. Brands must choose influencers that are strong and loud enough for consumers to listen to the information they convey. But the brand or the customer must still be important enough in the market as well.

          With that said, brands should study online marketing platforms. that are popular in each period as well in order to use that channel to communicate to the target groups and meet the customer’s needs.

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