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Basic Gear Company Limited is a leader in the production of notebooks, notebooks, publishing services. And leather products

Basic Gear Company Limited focuses on providing impressive services for customers. The main goal is "We serve the best".

Recruiting the best for customers Which will be an important point for customers to trust in the product And the appropriate service and circuit cover Including the creation of works that meet the needs of customers as well.

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Choose environmentally friendly materials. By using "Green Ocean Paper" quality paper to be used in diary products And notebook Is a paper that preserves the eyes Light weight with environmentally friendly production processes Made from 100% planted wood pulp (Virgin Fiber), world class standards. Not destroying nature

Use printing ink from vegetable oil Free from heavy metal contamination, does not cause danger to users Which is the main principle that the company Paying attention and focusing on product development To be an environmentally friendly product (Environment Friendly Products) is a part that allows the company and customers to participate in responsible and preserving the natural environment to be more livable.

Expand investment to enhance production, such as investment in digital printing to provide quick and thorough service to customers, as well as select other quality products In order to provide a variety of premium products to customers

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0105538105163
Corporate name basic gear Co.Ltd
Number of employees 25 (Full Time: 25)
Month/Year of Established date 1995
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0816219639
Address 99 Soi Borommaratchachonnani 39, Borommaratchachonnani Road, Taling Chan Sub-district, Taling Chan District, Bangkok
Industry สิ่งพิมพ์ และบรรจุภัณฑ์ (Printing and Packaging)
Contact person Mr Metee Sriviriyalertkul

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We have a complete production process. That covers the design, printing, including post-printing work such as leather cover making, binding in every aspect Ensure that we can control the quality. And the production period for every piece of work