SK Interfood Co.,Ltd.

Pigs slaughtered and processed

Will be the market leader in ready-to-cook processed meat products And ready to eat In the North and aiming to the AEC region with modern manufacturing technology and innovation On the basis of continuous development The business is growing. Have the ability to profit Possess excellence in management, responsible for stakeholders Taking into account the environment and energy conservation

Sales Pitch (1) : Develop the market and build SKF brand to be the number 1 brand in the hearts of customers.

Public information

The products are fresh and diverse.

Stable of raw materials (With affiliated farms)

Have customer access points distributed in the target area (20 branches and VAN SALE)

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0635546000192
Corporate name SK Interfood Co.,Ltd.
Number of employees 0 (Full Time: N/A)
Month/Year of Established date 2546
Country Thailand
Phone Number 055880012
Address 245 M.5 Maigaem Sub-district, Muang District, Tak
Industry อาหาร และยา (Production of Food products and Pharmaceutical)
Contact person Mr. Chanin songmek

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