A company that can respond to needs in a timely manner From mold for testing to mold for mass production

The company wants to meet the needs of customers.
In the ASEAN region to cover all aspects, including mold production (New Model), mold modification (Modify),
Mold fixing Or mold repair

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Public information

Company capability
The company accepts work from the rubber mold design, mold production Including mold repair Of course, molds produced from other companies can be modified or repaired.

Fast turnaround
[Mold for testing with a short delivery deadline] Other companies may be embarrassed to operate Please consult with the company. Due to the mold, which normally takes 2 weeks to produce, the company can produce and deliver the work within 7 days.

Service ability
Although the factory is located in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), the company is able to produce molds and take care of customers. In many provinces Whether Chonburi, Rayong or Ayutthaya

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0305555001051
Website https://fact-link.com/mem_profile.php?pl=th&mem=00003259&page=00015923, http://www.hiraokaind.co.jp/
Number of employees 20 (Full Time: 20)
Month/Year of Established date 2555
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0985848717
Address 586 Moo.4 Nongbuasara sub-district, Muang, Nakhonratchasima
Industry Manufacture of rubber and plastics products
Contact person Mr Hiroyuki Hiraoka

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