Winona Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Winona Cosmetics Co., Ltd. - Distribute cosmetic products.

Winona Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established on September 22, 2016, distributing cosmetic products. With a focus on creating products that are relevant to all forms of interpersonal relationships And uses mainly herbal ingredients Because we recognize the importance of living life as having a relationship and good health at the same time.

Sales Pitch (1) : Focus on creating products Using mainly herbal ingredients

Public information

Winona products are made from natural ingredients. With the value of extracts in the repair grass Thai herbs that have been used since ancient times

Making our Winona products satisfied among female customers of all ages Until it is popular in Thailand And abroad

The product has been certified by Food and Drug Administration Ministry of Public Health And also received an outstanding product business award

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0105559150702
Corporate name Winona Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Number of employees 6 (Full Time: 6)
Month/Year of Established date 2016
Country Thailand
Phone Number 099-3203202, 084-5488885
Address 22/174 Habitia Park Villages28, Soi Tientale28, Bangkuntien-Chaitale Road, Takam, Bangkuntien, Bangkok
Industry Cosmetics and Personal care, retail wholesale and export
Contact person Miss Wararat Kota

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