Needs Introduction

T-GoodTech (Thai Good Technology) is a digital platform and the business matching channel between Thai entrepreneurs themselves and foreign entrepreneurs in terms of Business to Business (B2B). An objective of the platform is to promote SMEs into a Global Value Chain by applying with database systems and technologies under the collaboration between the Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation of Japan (SMRJ) driving SMEs into a Global Value Chain.

ยานยนต์และชิ้นส่วน / Automotive and Parts

TCMF Inc. (徳山車輌)


Okatsune Gears Manufacturing Co., ltd. (㈱岡常歯車製作所)

We are looking for a distributor. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

ไฟฟ้าและอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ / Electronics

Fuji Denki Co., Ltd. (株式会社藤電気)

Shinohara Electric Co., Ltd. (篠原電機株式会社)

"Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our products."

TDI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (東京特殊印刷工業株式会社)

Veritec Iconix Ventures Inc. (ベリテック・アイコニックス・ベンチャーズ株式会社)

TAMADEN KOGYO CO.,LTD (タマデン工業株式会社)

Our company is a development type technology. In addition to inverter drive control, we specialize in regenerative control and power generation control.

UNITEX Corporation (株式会社ユニテックス)

UNITEX LTO tape system is the world's only USB LTO data storage system that can be connected to laptop PCs and other USB devices to store data on LTO tapes. You can storage 30TB large volumes of data anywhere, conveniently, easily, and securely for a long period of time with small IT invested.


เครื่องจักรอุตสาหกรรม / Industrial Machinery

DD Machine Cooperation

"We are looking for a distributor who can install and maintain the a-HT1000 in Thailand. At the same time, we are looking for end-users who are interested in power reduction. "

M-DIA & Co., Ltd.

"We want to sell our products to overseas customers. We would like to find out the agent for sales, marketing, and promotion of our products."

JesC Co., Ltd.

"Expectation of cooperation with Thai company: 1. sales and 2. recruitment of agencies. Detailed explanation  A good understanding of our products, we want you focused on sales."

Kakiuchi Co., Ltd.

"We would like to make a direct sales and looking for dealers. For consignment production, we would like to use a local knockdown method.(ex. assembly motors and parts that can be procured in Thailand)"


"Looking for dealers/distributors who can cooperate in the sale of robot vision systems used in collaborative robots (universal robots)"


"We need a partner to sell our system to companies in Thailand, and our vegetable products to consumers."

NICOH Ltd. (ニコー物産株式会社)


"We are looking for distributors in Thailand. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. Thank you very much."

อาหาร & เกษตรแปรรูป / Food & Processed Agriculture

Health Square Co., Ltd. (株式会社健康広場)

"Our company is the first company in Japan to successfully cultivate Cordyceps sinensis on its own. We have a wealth of experience with mushrooms. We develop and sell health foods that are extremely effective against lifestyle-related diseases. Currently, health foods that are good for corona infection have become the most popular products, but there are also a flood of customers waiting to sell health foods that have a surprising effect on diabetes during test production."

Minami-seimen Co., Ltd. (株式会社みなみ製麺)

Please use our noodles that can be arranged in various ways.

Sunflour Tokachi Foods International Co., Ltd. (サンフラワートカチフーズインターナショナル)

We manufacture Japanese sweets with high quality.

อื่น ๆ

TBA Co., Ltd.

"(1) Distribution of test strip C-PAS & Reagents for Research Use. (2) IVD kit co-development and local production in Thailand (major raw material C-PAS & Reagents supplied from Japan) Either (1) or (2), OR Both (1) and (2) "


"Recruitment of agents who are good at selling various products, and local production are also under consideration)"


"Our objective is to Produce Puree foods for dogs and cats of the same quality that we currently produce in Japan, where moisture, texture, and taste are very important. We are looking for a way to work jointly with a pet food manufacturing company in Thailand."

Daido Machinery Co., Ltd.

"The local general contractor construction department assumes that it is an end-user, and a local agency is required to provide products in a timely manner according to the progress of the construction period of the end-user and to perform maintenance work after using the products"

Wako Paper Co.,Ltd.

"We are currently manufacturing products in Thailand, so we would like to find a partner who can sell our products."

Vioce Co., Ltd.

"We would like to respond flexibly according to future cooperation such as sales, recruitment of distributors, and provision of technology. If you are interested in our plant, please feel free to contact us with any questions."


"We are considering local production in Thailand to reduce the production cost of the equipment."


"The expectation of cooperation with Thai companies: 1. sales and 2. recruitment of agencies. For detailed explanation Technical cooperation: Companies that can accept Demonstration Experiments and Validation."