Meichui Co.,Ltd (株式会社メイチュー)

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Meichui Co., Ltd.



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15,150,000 JPY

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Industrial machinery business

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Mr.Takashi Asai (浅井 隆)

Position: Owner/entrepreneur


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Business profile 
The aluminum continuous melting heat insulation furnace "Homel Furnace" developed by Meichu Co., Ltd. in 1982 is equipped with a new Hormel burner with a built-in heat exchange function and a special heat-resistant steel sleeve. , "New Hormel Reactor", "Clean Hormel Reactor" and a full lineup have been built, and we are approaching 5,000 units shipped including overseas.
In addition, we have been proposing labor-saving and rationalization equipment and materials, including peripheral equipment that works with aluminum melting and heat insulation furnaces.
In the future, we will continue to put all our strength into the functions of manufacturers and trading companies to develop better products and provide technical information.
We can provide high-performance, high-value-added equipment for aluminum casting manufacturers.

Main products
Continuous melting and holding furnace for aluminum. Automatic pouring robot.

Main customers
Aluminum die caster& Aluminum casting manufacturer


- sell products to Thai companies

Special message to Thai SMEs
"Hormel Furnace is a melting furnace that can reduce the defective rate, save energy, and provide high-quality molten aluminum for aluminum casting.
We can provide the best products for the quality of the increasingly fierce automobile parts industry in the future.
In addition, Thailand has an OEM contract with Pine-Pacific Corp., Ltd, so we can provide local equipment production and maintenance services.


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