Arche Information Inc. (アルケー情報株式会社)

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Company information 



Arche Information Inc.



Establishment date 


Number of employees 



8,000,000 JPY

Business sector 

Industrial machinery business

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Contact person

Mrs. Pinshow Lin (林 品秀)

Position: Representative of sales


Tel: [please contact:]

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Business profile 
①AI-Controlled Autonomous AGV「NAJM.」
1)Autonomous running by AI. Not any tape or marker is needed.
2)Site-oriented architecture designed by a logistics consultant.
3)We can propose specifications that match the customer's environment by building to order.
4)Detecting and avoiding the obstacles by camera and image recognition AI
5)Route calculation evolutes by using machine learning algorithms
6)Low cost
7)AI route calculation patented in Singapore

②AI Solution
1)AI container loading simulator
2)Image recognition inspection system
④Software Package Vender
1)Spindle.A 4.0→Web EDI for the foreign manufacturing industry.(Material procurement management system for mid-sized manufacturers). Less installation work and easier operation
2)Spindle. F→Supporting credit examination by using transition data.
⑤System Integrator

Main products 
AI-Controlled Autonomous AGV/AI Solutions/Web EDI Spindle. 

Main customers
Several Japanese logistic companies


- purchase products from Thai companies
- sell products to Thai companies
- establish a joint business agreement
- find a distributor in Thailand
- find OEM/contract manufacturing in Thailand
- do joint research/technical collaboration


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