Goldleaf Industrial Arts (五明金箔工芸)

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Goldleaf Industrial Arts "Gomei"



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Gold leaf processing on the material

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Mr. Hisashi Itsuaki (五明 久)

Position: Owner/entrepreneur


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Business profile 
GOLDLEAF INDUSTRIAL ARTS “GOMEI", a studio of gold tooling craftworkers in
Kyoto has been involved for a long time in making products, including Kyoto‐style
Buddhist altars and altar articles. We have gained considerable credibility with
special techniques, such as “Kyo-no‐ Omooshi(a technique to tone down the glitter and
emphasize the light emitted naturally from gold leaf)" and “Nugui Keshifun Shiage
(a technique to finish by scattering finely‐ powdered gold leaf''. We have accepted
many requests, including the processing of products of Tiffany&Co in the United States,
and gold tooling of the city ellllbleln Of Kyoto City Office, copper tiles of Osaka Castle,
the statue of the goddess Magokoro in the main building of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi in
Tokyo, and tops of decorative floats for the Kyoto Gion Festival.

Main products
Buddha statues, pedestals, monuments, object tableware, pendants, etc.

Main customers
High-end people, mainly wealthy people, companies & manufacturers

- sell products to Thai companies
- establish a joint business agreement
- find OEM/contract manufacturing in Thailand
- do joint research/technical collaboration
With the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage "Japanese Gold Leaf", I want to keep the wonderful Thai works as the finest works!

Special message to Thai SMEs 
"Nice to meet you, this is Gomei Gold Foil Crafts in Kyoto. Our technology is a technology that can express Japanese handmade gold leaf as a material to the maximum extent. Would you like to make Thai works the best!"


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