Kanto Electronics Corporation (関東電子株式会社)

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Kanto Electronics Corporation



Establishment date 


Number of employees 



15,000,000 JPY

Business sector 

Industrial machinery business

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Contact person

Mr. Tadayoshi Seki (関 忠好)

Position: Owner/entrepreneur

E-mail: tadi@kantodenshi.co.jp

Tel: [please contact: dip.tgoodtech@gmail.com]

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Business profile 
Kanto Electronics Corporation's parts feeders use our original low vibration method to enable the alignment and discharge of stable parts making possible by high precision posture discrimination for products such as rubber and connectors. The spring feeder can separate, arrange, and supply tangled small coil springs one by one automatically to the assembly point without causing damage or deformation of even extremely small springs (0.5mm diameter minimum) that can not be handled by human hands. Our company expertise is collaborating with clients to create successful original innovation production equipment.

Main products 
Parts feeder, Spring feeder, Vacuum fixing parts feeder for cleanroom

Main customers
Electronics maker, Automotive equipment maker, Medical equipment maker, Cosmetic pump maker, and another field maker


- sell products to Thai companies
- find distributor(s) in Thailand

Special message to Thai SMEs
"We have exported our feeders to the ASEAN area since eight years ago. The main countries to export feeders are Indonesia and Taiwan now. We are planning to export our products to new countries, Thailand, Malaysia, and India. We also design and manufacture custom auto-assembly machines with parts feeders. We are expertise to manufacture pump kit automatic assembly machines for the covid-19 antiseptic solution for over 10 years."


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