GPC Laboratory Co., Ltd. (株式会社ジーピーシー研究所)

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GPC Laboratory Co., Ltd.



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Biotechnology, R&D, medicine, functional substance, health care

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Mr. Tadashi Nishida (西田 直史)

Position: Founder/CEO


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Business profile 
Founding Background
GPC Lab has been established in 2012 as a university-launched venture company. We have been originated from the Biotechnology division of the Medical Department at National Tottori University. Therefore, we still have a good relationship with Medical Department as well as Agriculture Department at Tottori University. Fortunately, it was kind of Tottori Prefecture authorities to organize Tottori Bio-Frontier Foundation next to Tottori University Hospital in Yonago City, Tottori.

Business and Key Competencies
We are the R&D type of company focusing on developing innovative imaging research tools and at the same time, we have a well-developed lab instrument, so that we can also provide an outsource experiment service for in-vitro & in-vivo imaging research as well as an animal experiment.
We’ve already experienced participating in a joint R&D with many pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic manufacturers, food ones as well as university institutes.

GPC provides the following services based on our own genetic engineering technology, toxicity evaluation technology, and luminescence imaging technology with cell reporter experiments, animal experiments to pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, chemical manufacturers, and university institutes.
GPC can support our clients in their research activities.

-Useful research tools for drug development
-Screening and searching functional compounds
-Developing safety evaluation method for substances
-Developing disease model animals, such as inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis.
-Searching seeds for drug development as an outsourcing service

GPC has accumulated biotechnology and skill in wider ranges through our research activities above.
GPC is going to strengthen its own research ability by cell reporters and animal experiments based on the luminescence imaging technology we have developed in the wider life-science field. GPC is also creating a highly social contribution business and life-cycle design based on circadian rhythm.

-Started a joint project to study circadian rhythm with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in 2015.
-We’ve accelerated circadian rhythm research and might be the first player to commercialize a screening & searching business for compounds to improve the circadian rhythm cycle, after the discovery of the molecular mechanism of circadian rhythm received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2017.
-We’ve also started to search and obtain our own original seeds related to circadian rhythm cycle improvement. In 2021, we have succeeded in finding a new compound from natural resources and have applied for an international patent for the original seeds.
-Moreover, we’ve already found new functional compounds from some plants in ASEAN countries as our own seeds for developing supplements or drugs.

Consequently, GPC can provide excellent health management to many people through functional food, effective nutrition, and supplement.

Main products 
Technology for finding and analyzing functional substances contained in natural resources.

Main customers
Health care companies (Pharma, Food, Chemical, Cosmetic)


- sell products to Thai companies
- establish a joint business agreement
- find distributor(s) in Thailand
- do joint research/technical collaboration

Special message to Thai SMEs
"We are engaged in the search for functional substances from natural resources and the development of health-related products using biotechnology, developed by a national university medical school.

Our primary interest is in disease prevention and health promotion by focusing on the biological clock that forms our biological rhythms. In particular, we are aiming to contribute to the fields of sleep, obesity, and dementia.

Currently, we are conducting discovery research utilizing mushroom resources. I am also interested in researching the health functions of overseas agricultural and marine resources, herbs, and plant components.

We want to try to create a new business, utilizing the natural resources of Thailand!"


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