TMR Co., Ltd (株式会社TMR)

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TMR Co., Ltd



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600,000 JPY

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Electrical and electronics business

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Mr. Kiyomi Takizawa (瀧澤 清美)

Position: Owner/entrepreneur


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Business profile 
I am Kiyomi Takizawa, Representative Director of TMR Corporation (Headquarters: Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture), which is engaged in the research, development, and operation of international medical support tools. on December 8, 2021. And this time, I applied a business plan with this system as a core to the business contest of Hino City, and I won the "Tamashin Award", "Hino Corporation Association Award", and "Hino Junior Chamber Award". Furthermore, our brushed-up business plan was approved as a management innovation plan of Gunma Prefecture, and we are looking for partners for this business plan both in Japan and overseas. We look forward to working with you.

Main products 

Main customers
Hospital, Business, Administration

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Special message to Thai SMEs
"We have developed a tool for "Eliminating Inequality from the World", which is one of the UN SDGs 10. By using Remote Connect as an internet infrastructure instead of a telephone infrastructure, you can communicate in Japanese with people around the world who cannot speak Japanese or with hearing and speech impairments. Companies and organizations can respond to inquiries from people around the world and hearing-impaired people with texted Japanese voice and automatically translated subtitles, expanding business and services and reducing inequality."


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