SES RFID tag technology from the creation of the Far East Lastest Update : 25/06/2020 00:52:55

Far East Creation Limited Partnership Appointed as Official Distributor of SES RFID; One of the world's leading RFID solutions, SES develops, produces and uses the advanced components of RFID technology. SES is one of the market leaders in Thin and Flat, Energy Harvesting, LED Indicator, Woven Antenna and Intelligent Wearable RFID Technology.

Things that SES RFID will improve:
+ Resource planning because each tag has its own unique ID
+ Inspect the product without seeing
+ Check multiple inventory in one scan
+ Embed in products such as pallets, clothes, rubber, etc.
+ Monitoring under harsh environments (-25 ° C to 100 ° C)
+ Improve the efficiency of existing ERP systems: Increase monitoring and resource allocation for maximum benefit

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