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We are a family-owned company and see this not only as a type of business, but also as a commitment to everyone who works for our company. Our strategic focus is long-term. Our business decisions are always guided by what impact they have on our employees and society.Our corporate culture is characterized by respect, camaraderie, and openness with each other. Our creative shines through across the entire company with our innovative products and services, a working environment with a great deal of freedom and responsibility, and offerings and benefits for our employees that are designed for flexibility and openness.

Chaicharoen Summit Interpart experts in sheet metal processing with modern machines by experienced technicians.
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 Sheet Metal Processing

Secondaries: Tapping, Reaming, Drilling Counter Sinking, Counter Boring Machining, Stenciling Mechanical Finishing Plating- All Types Assembly: PEM/ Fasteners/ Standoffs Weld Nuts Spot and Wire Feed welding of two or more parts Mechanical Joining of two or more parts Installation of Custom Hardware

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