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Real Bird's Nest Made with sterilized system Safe, standard, bird's nest soap, excellent product and service

Even though ORBIT is a well-established brand for more than 50 years, we still aim to strengthen our brand and to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable hose clip manufacturers to British Standard.

Selection of auspicious and beautiful numbers

Thailand Innovative food


Manufacturer and distributor of seasoned seaweed, salted egg, snack, crispy rice mao and seasoned fried chili

Skin care products for customers who care about health and beauty. Starting from a selection of 10 quality ingredients using traditional soap making methods which is free from animal fats as well as the production process that takes care of every step in accordance with international standards, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001: 2015 HACCP - quality assurance system for safety related to production control, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Halal in order to get best skin care products and encourage customers to have most happiness.

Thai method is a Platform Handicraft Marketplace gathering Thai handicrafts. By buying the products of the community at the price that the community wants to sell. And in the future there will be a Thai way of being fund established To dividend profit in selling products back to the community Improving well-being Have additional income And focus on overseas sales Develop and design products of the community to be up to date. Match with current lifestyle

Our main products; including automotive engine Pulleys, pulleys for other engine and general purpose pulleys Press (Stamping) parts, and Stamping parts for Brake sets.

Eua-aree Food Product Co., Ltd. Eua-aree Food Products Co., Ltd. is a leader in the production and development of processed agricultural products, condiments and dried products for more than 50 years, with a wide variety of products and styles according to customer needs such as fried garlic, fried shallot, oil. Fried Garlic, Chili Powder, Pickled Chili As an expert in production, Eua-Aree Food Product Co., Ltd. would like to deliver quality products. That has been taken care of from the selection process of quality raw materials from the cultivation through the production process that meets industry standards and through quality checks by a professional team.
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crispy rice (KUEEN)

crispy rice (KUEEN) New product !!!! Healthy and yummy snacks !!! Natural crispy rice with cereals or seaweed prepared for all health lovers people; based on famous Thai Kor Kor 43 rice and rice berry, those products are also containing natural low sugar, high fiber. Healthy baking process with low quantity of natural rice bran oil which is good for health Eat healthy, eat nutritious but fun KUEEN is the perfect combination for health and pleasure Ready to be delivered with 2 flavors - cereal flavor - Seaweed flavor

Hi-Enz Multipurpose Cleaner

Hi-Enz is an eco-friendly cleaning product produced from durian enzyme and natural composition which will not cause skin irritation or harm the environment. Get your natural multi purpose cleaner at special price for your clean home

Cooking mirin (Halal)

- How to produce : fermentation - what is produced : Produced by the fermentation method of jasmine rice, flavored and colored like Mirin with alcohol. - Raw materials or components : Jasmine rice ,Fructose syrup ,Caramel Flavor, Caramel color ,potassium sorbate (E202),Water - Storage :Ambient Temperature - Expiration date : 1 Year From filling date - Color, smell or taste :Clear yellow gold liquid - Size weight :Gallon 5, 20 Liters. (Polyethylene) - How to use :Used to marinate meat to remove fishy smell, use in broths, sauces.

Bamboo chip

It is the fiber of the bamboo shoots. Brought to make a snack. From freshly made rice noodles, they are dried to keep food last longer and reduce the complicated process.

Aminta Skin Perfection Serum 30 ml.

Over 4 years of research by a team of researchers from Chiang Mai University has resulted in the best skincare innovation, exclusive copyright under the brand Aminta. With the great innovation from a team of researchers that they transformed 3 types of yellow flowers into powerful extracts, we can be sure that it would work effectively in our skin. It has main features of restoring and protect our skin from today’s extreme environment. It also helps in maintaining skin moisture, protect skin cells from UV rays, reduce inflammation, redness, and itching from sensitive skin. In addition, this serum could also heal wounds and reduce wrinkles with the suitability for all skin types. Main ingredients of AMINTA SKIN PERFECTION Serum that are highly effective. Cassia Fistula extract Cassia Fistula is Thailand national flower that bloom once a year. Its extract was developed to penetrate deeper into our skin’s layers than any of the conventional creams. It’s rich of Bioflavonoids, Fistulin, Triterpenes, which are important substances that help fight against ANTI-OXIDANT. Additionally, Cassia Fistula extract also stimulate collagen fiber production, lift the skin as an Antiaging. Calendula extract contains Lutein which helps brightening the skin, reduce freckles, and dark spots by inhibiting the enzymes that produce melanin. All well, lightens dark spots, bringing back the bright facial skin. Cassia Siamea extract As we get older, that number of natural Hyaluron that were present in the skin will be decreased, forming deep furrows on our faces. Cassia Siamea extract contains Phenolic that would stimulate the production of hyaluron protein which helps in retaining moisture on the skin. Making the skin looks plump and firm. In addition, it helps filling wrinkles without the need of filler injections. Rice extract Adjust and balance the skin, decreasing the exceed oiliness, and hydrate skin. OLIVE OIL We use the premium grade of olive oil which assured high purity. It contains protein E, B, A and many antioxidants. In addition, it helps nourishing the skin. ALOE VERA EXTRACT We use the pure Aloe Vera, obtained from organic hotbeds that it was kept away from the contaminated things. Aloe Vera helps protecting the skin from sunburned, make the skin moisturized for a long time, reduce inflammation, and quickly heal acne. The result -Make your face smooth, white, and clear. -Make the facial skin healthy, not sensitive, reduce acne. -Facial skin get firmed, looks younger, fade away wrinkles. -Dark spots and freckles are noticeably faded. ** The texture is in the form of a light serum. Absorbs into the skin quickly. Does not leave any greasiness on the face. ** Free of alcohol, silicones, paba, colorants and parabens. Direction After cleansing facial skin, apply Aminta serum to the face, neck, and around the eyes’ areas every morning and before bed. It is recommended to use in the first stage before applying your normal moisturizer or sunscreen. Registration receipt number Storage 10-1-6100037831 Treatment Keep the serum in a cool and dry place without direct sunlight. 98% less inflammation of the acne within 1 week 98% skin is soft, more moisturized within 2 weeks 95% black spots fade within 10 days 95% pores appear smaller in 3 weeks 95% Wrinkles are reduced Skin feels firmer within 4 weeks. 93% smooth skin Brighter within 4 weeks Under the supervision of a facial physician Tested not to cause allergies and irritation. ** Tested by a group of 30 female volunteers **

Black Glutinous Rice Flour || 水磨黑糯米粉 || طﺣﯾن اﻷرز اﻟدﺑق اﻷﺳود

With our special techniques in the production process combined with the finest selection of black glutinous seeds, Fancy Carp Brand Black Glutinous Rice Flour gives softer and smoother texture to food. Its distinguish smell and color make the dish uniquely delectable. ​

Gluten Free Crispy Batter Mix || 脆皮面粉 (无麸质配方)

Fancy Carp Brand Gluten Free Crispy Batter Mix is produced from the finest selection ingredients. We try our best to research and develop the special recipe for our crispy batter mix by using Brown Rice Flour. It will give natural smell and golden color from Brown Rice Flour that contains more nutrient and fiber than white flour. Our Gluten Free Crispy Batter Mix is suitable for people who concern about their health and allergic to gluten. Moreover, we do not add MSG, sugar, salt, and pepper in our products.

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