Latex Asia (thailand) Co., Ltd.


Manufactures and sells natural latex pillows, mattresses and other natural latex products, including neck pillows, bolster pillows, charcoal pillows, ionic pillows, triangular pillows, back cushions, meditation cushions, sofa cushions, car seats, motorcycle seats, insole, masks, etc., by selling retail and wholesale. We offer ​​factory prices. A special discount is available for a large amount order.

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Public information

“To produce high quality and cost effective natural latex products to meet customer expectations and satisfactions.”

Latex Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. operates under two main policies, which are Quality policy and Environmental policy under the standard for a quality management system (ISO9001: 2015) and the standard for an environmental management system (ISO14001: 2015) respectively.

“Latex Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. strives to be the leader in producing pillows, mattresses and latex products to meet international quality standards and strives for continuous development for the highest satisfaction of customers.”

“Latex Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. focuses on products and services under the awareness of environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain and product life cycle.”

Organization Profile

Registration No. 0125558017286
Corporate name Latex Asia (thailand) Co., Ltd.
Number of employees 40 (Full Time: 40)
Month/Year of Established date 2558
Country Thailand
Phone Number 02-0124747
Address 51/5 Village No. 8, Bang Bua Thong-Suphanburi Road, Lahan Subdistrict, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province 11110
Industry แปรรูปยางพารา ( Latex processing and Latex products )
Contact person Surasak IssaraPhanitkit

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