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The Packing Room The issue of product quality is the most important factor. After the production of the product is completed Before delivering the product to the customer, we have 100% QC of the product so that the customer receives the best product. Whether it is a packaging job Logo screen work, box production, about the quality of the product is the priority that we raise the number one place. Because every product is a branded page
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The Packing Room Company In addition to selling packaging, there is also a logo screen printing service. Both hot stamp logo techniques, silkscreen techniques, or various with a minimum starting point of only a hundred pieces. Ready to give advice on work knowledge from the team, pay attention and provide the best service to customers. The cheapest box printing house in Thailand
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Foundation bottle packaging Built-in sponge brush head Suitable for filling work, foundation, pressing system, vacuum pump, round shape, black cover.

They are resistant to chemicals and temperatures suitable for water, gel, cream, foam, and various types. Soft and fine sponge head helps spread the foundation more easily.

Colors can be changed according to your needs. We also provide logo screen (Logo SilkScreen) and logo stamping with hot stamping technique, K-Ngern K-Thong Kern (Hot stamping) and produce powder boxes, logo design, box design according to customer request.

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Corporate name Thepackingroom Co.,LTD
Number of employees 4 (Full Time: 4)
Month/Year of Established date 2016
Country Thailand
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Industry สิ่งพิมพ์ และบรรจุภัณฑ์ (Printing and Packaging)
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