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VTStek's mission is "To create the true value" through three core pillars: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, and Industry.

เราเป็นโรงงานรับผลิตสินค้า OEM แบรนด์สินค้าที่เกี่ยวกับผ้าทุกประเภท รวมถึงสินค้าพรีเมียม ของที่ระลึกต่างๆที่ทำจากผ้าพิมพ์ลาย พร้อมให้คำปรึกษาท่านแบบ "ครบวงจร" ลูกค้าสามารถเข้ามาปรึกษาเราตั้งแต่ต้นจนจบ และมั่นใจกับสินค้าที่จะผลิตออกมา โดยสามารถสั่งทำตัวอย่างจริงขึ้นมาดูก่อนสั่งผลิตจริง

We are an expert in the various and also unique products such as paper works, packaging works (such as tin plate), paper box works, paper bag works, plastic cup works, cloth related works (such as save the world clothing bag, customized bag production as OEM) and other products which can be selected and provided as customer’s request.

Cultivator of Jalapeno, Mexican chili in Chiang Rai, Thailand to meet the needs of Mexican restaurants in Thailand.

BTD Environmental Solutions Co.,ltd Established in 2007 with registered capital at 10 million baht.

Handcrafted bags & accessories. Leather works made from high quality materials & a skilled maker.

1 Stop Service for School to buy all equipment like Stationary, School Bag, Uniform or anything (จัดหาอุปกรณ์การเรียน สมุดนักเรียน สิ่งพิมพ์ กระเป๋า เสื้อผ้า ให้โรงเรียน)

we have thai small-medium school customers > 1,000 schools.
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Frozen Coconut Water

Product from NAM HOM coconut. Storage: Keep in -18 C for years/ Weight: 2 Kg /bag Packaging: Packed in 1 Box with 10 bags/box 1 container = 1300 boxes total 26 ton

Cow leather bag

Manufacturer and Exporter of Fashion and Classic Ladies Handbags,Wallets,Key Holders and other small leather goods.

Siam Street 14-18 September 2020 - Empire Sathorn

Bangkok Hunsa 9-20 October 2020 at Silom Complex. Ready to meet “Bangkok Hunsa.” Let’s have fun in shopping in this event. We bring you the fashion shoes, bags and accessories parades to get shoppers trendy! Then, let’s refill the energy with foods, sweets and some refreshing drinks. Moreover, you can travel with BTS. So convenient, isn’t it? Come and Join us from 9 to 20 of October 2020 at Event Hall, Ground Floor, Silom Complex.

Nyron tea bag

- The product has the semi - transparent quality to see the leaves and ingredients through the bag. - The bag has the high temperature resistance at 120 Celsius

Chitin from shrimp shell

Quantity 20 tons/month, price USD 8-15 F.O.B. packing 10 kgs/woven bag

S.A.P.Chitosan powder 200 mesh Food Grade

S.A.P.Chitosan powder 200 mesh Food Grade packing 1 kg/plastic bag price USD 45-60 F.O.B.

Handcrafted bags & accessories.

Leather works made from high quality materials & a skilled maker

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