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This fast-growing bioscience food solutions company ​

Khotcher Global Food LTD, Parts was established in 2012 and is one of the largest direct importers and distributors of food ingredients in Thailand. We are expert in "Dairy Product" (Whole Milk Powder & Skim Milk Powder). Good quality product guaranteed!

“Orga Coco” is 100% pure organic coconut water .

We are the leading pet treat manufacturer and pet products in Bangkok, Thailand established since 1968. We are specialized in hard dental treat and semi-moist pet treat.

Regenerative Food Processing to produce high quality with certified Organic food products for good health and well-being of all consumers.

#Manufacturer - Fertilizer - Fertilizer ingredient - Soid amendment - Mineral water for plant - Seed coating - Treatment ointment Producer of innovative agricultural products such as environmentally friendly fertilizers Soil stabilizer Mineral water for plants, Wound cream, Non-chemical seed mixtures

Operations producing coffee drinks Tea and herbal tea ready to drink. Production of coffee-based beverages Tea and herbal tea are the main ingredients. Whether in a can Jars or other sealed containers

Udomkijpaisarn Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of spices, herbs, seasoning, dried vegetables, cereals, and ground-dried seafood under GMP, HACCP, FSSC22000, HALAL and Organic products (EU Standard)

Ubon Siam Co., Ltd. is well known as a supplier of food additives such as stabilizer, thickener, defoamer, antioxidant and cleaning agent. and also sell organic foods product.

Health services in medical technology, manufacturers and distributors. Cosmeceutical nano organic extract
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Aminta Skin Perfection Serum 30 ml.

Over 4 years of research by a team of researchers from Chiang Mai University has resulted in the best skincare innovation, exclusive copyright under the brand Aminta. With the great innovation from a team of researchers that they transformed 3 types of yellow flowers into powerful extracts, we can be sure that it would work effectively in our skin. It has main features of restoring and protect our skin from today’s extreme environment. It also helps in maintaining skin moisture, protect skin cells from UV rays, reduce inflammation, redness, and itching from sensitive skin. In addition, this serum could also heal wounds and reduce wrinkles with the suitability for all skin types. Main ingredients of AMINTA SKIN PERFECTION Serum that are highly effective. Cassia Fistula extract Cassia Fistula is Thailand national flower that bloom once a year. Its extract was developed to penetrate deeper into our skin’s layers than any of the conventional creams. It’s rich of Bioflavonoids, Fistulin, Triterpenes, which are important substances that help fight against ANTI-OXIDANT. Additionally, Cassia Fistula extract also stimulate collagen fiber production, lift the skin as an Antiaging. Calendula extract contains Lutein which helps brightening the skin, reduce freckles, and dark spots by inhibiting the enzymes that produce melanin. All well, lightens dark spots, bringing back the bright facial skin. Cassia Siamea extract As we get older, that number of natural Hyaluron that were present in the skin will be decreased, forming deep furrows on our faces. Cassia Siamea extract contains Phenolic that would stimulate the production of hyaluron protein which helps in retaining moisture on the skin. Making the skin looks plump and firm. In addition, it helps filling wrinkles without the need of filler injections. Rice extract Adjust and balance the skin, decreasing the exceed oiliness, and hydrate skin. OLIVE OIL We use the premium grade of olive oil which assured high purity. It contains protein E, B, A and many antioxidants. In addition, it helps nourishing the skin. ALOE VERA EXTRACT We use the pure Aloe Vera, obtained from organic hotbeds that it was kept away from the contaminated things. Aloe Vera helps protecting the skin from sunburned, make the skin moisturized for a long time, reduce inflammation, and quickly heal acne. The result -Make your face smooth, white, and clear. -Make the facial skin healthy, not sensitive, reduce acne. -Facial skin get firmed, looks younger, fade away wrinkles. -Dark spots and freckles are noticeably faded. ** The texture is in the form of a light serum. Absorbs into the skin quickly. Does not leave any greasiness on the face. ** Free of alcohol, silicones, paba, colorants and parabens. Direction After cleansing facial skin, apply Aminta serum to the face, neck, and around the eyes’ areas every morning and before bed. It is recommended to use in the first stage before applying your normal moisturizer or sunscreen. Registration receipt number Storage 10-1-6100037831 Treatment Keep the serum in a cool and dry place without direct sunlight. 98% less inflammation of the acne within 1 week 98% skin is soft, more moisturized within 2 weeks 95% black spots fade within 10 days 95% pores appear smaller in 3 weeks 95% Wrinkles are reduced Skin feels firmer within 4 weeks. 93% smooth skin Brighter within 4 weeks Under the supervision of a facial physician Tested not to cause allergies and irritation. ** Tested by a group of 30 female volunteers **


Concentrated formula to reduce hair loss, strengthen hair roots More than 6 organic herbal extracts were invented by the Center of Health Product Research and Development from Faculty of PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, Khon Kaen University. 6 essential extracts that enhance circulation stimulation Therefore, the bulbs of the hair roots are more nutrient-rich and thickening the hair, and the overall hair health is even better. Aminta shampoo helps to cleanse gently. Valid for even those who have passed chemotherapy. Reduces hair loss. It also helps keeping the hair and head clean for a long time, accelerates long hair. Hair is soft, smooth, does not tangle with the value of black rice extract, bai mi extract. Henna Extract, Bergamot Extract, Ginger Extract for good scalp health for healthy hair roots Made from valuable extracts from authentic natural herbs, which are effective. • to help reduce hair loss, stimulate hair rebirth. Troubleshoot on-the-spot • nourishes hair roots, reduces itching of the scalp and dandruff. When used regularly and continuously. • helps to balance the scalp, reduce oil on the scalp, reduce itching of the scalp. • the hair is soft, shiny, weightless, not fluffy. • accelerates hair length, reduces hair loss problems. • stimulate dark hair color, slow down gray hair Main Ingredients of Aminta Shampoo BLACK RICE EXTRACT To prevent hair loss, especially with a formula to nourish the hair and scalp to the fullest. Contains rice extracts that enhance dark, shiny, slow down premature gray hair and help smooth hair naturally. Ginger Extract In ginger essential oils, melthol is used to neutralize colic. Vascular Dilation If we apply it to the hair and scalp, it will help the capillaries to expand, blood to feed the roots of the hair well, reduce oil and stimulate hair growth as well. Henna Extract Miracle Plant which is The legend of egyptian queens formula Henna is a natural dye made from the leaves of henna trees. Concealed white hair for thousands of years., Henna's leaves contain lawone molecules, which are used as hair dyes. Bai Mi Extract The leaves contain carbohydrates that can inflate into mucus in water and can be used to purify dirt. And there are also essential oils, which can inhibit the growth of microorganisms. This causes hair root cells to grow well. Properties of hair cleansing And nourishing the hair root cells causes hair to remedy. Kaffir Lime Extract Has antimicrobial effects. Fungal growth that is the cause of dandruff and head itching. Citric acid in kaffir lime water also helps to reduce residues on the hair. Cleanses and helps keep hair flakes closed in layers. The hair is smooth, easy to comb, and also helps to keep the hair shiny and moisturized. It is not broken and is not brittle, easily broken. Butterfly Pea Extract Butterfly Pea flowers can be used to treat hair loss, nourish hair to be strong. This causes more blood to feed the roots of the hair. It helps to reduce hair loss, accelerate hair length, nourish hair to be shiny. Alcohol-free SLS, PARABEN, No Color Additives How to use Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly for at least 15 seconds. Shake the shampoo bottle twice, pour only 1 coin of shampoo, equal to a five baht coin on the palm, rub your hands to foam, massage the scalp thoroughly with your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly with normal temperature water for at least 30 seconds and should be used regularly and continuously together with hair tip conditioner to effectively reduce hair loss. Recommendations - In case the scalp is very strong. If you want to repeat the pool, you can shampoo again. - Avoid washing hair and scalp with warm water. - For better results, refrain from blowing hot air at the scalp area. What type of hair is suitable for Aminta shampoo - Straight hair - Curly hair - Slide hair - Dry Hair - Oily Hair - Hair Coloring FDA No. 10-1-6200032292

Triphala Herbal Peppermint Candy

We develop, import, produce and distribute organic raw materials and ingredients for the food industry in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Thai Jasmine Hom Mali Vinegar

Made from Organic Hom Mali rice (Jasmine rice). Use for sushi, marinade, salad dressing or any other vinegar usage.

Organic soil stabilizer

For better structure and quality of farming soil

Organic products

Onzon beverage brought raw materials from the farm that has been certified to the Organic Farming System (OFS) or the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). We focus on creating organic products of quality and maintaining this standard.

Organic herbal products

Organic herbal products controlled and manufactured by Thai traditional medicine.

White Pepper

White Pepper : can be mixed into a condiment to add the fragrant of food. And can be made into herbs. Our production processes are clean and hygienic. We have make-to-order services and our products are produced by certified factory under GMP, HACCP, ,FSCC22000 , HALAL and Organic Cert.; EU standard

Dried Cardamom

Dried Cardamom : can be mixed into a condiment to add the fragrant of food. And can be made into herbs.Our production processes are clean and hygienic. We have make-to-order services and our products are produced by certified factory under GMP, HACCP, ,FSCC22000 , HALAL and Organic Cert.; EU standard

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