5th Green Industry Conference for Sustainable Development



Exhibit Date
: 3 - 4 October 2018, 8:00-17:00 hrs.

Exhibit Venue: United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok

Scope of GIC5 Exhibition

The Exhibition is one of the key features of the Fifth Green Industry Conference, which will run in parallel with the international conference. This Exhibition provides an opportunity for business corporations and SMEs, public organizations, and academic institutions to showcase their knowledge, innovations, and progress on various aspects of inclusive and sustainable industrialization, including tools, technologies, products, experiences and best practices. Such actions support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Circular Economy, and Green Investment.

How to join the GIC5 Exhibition

To join the GIC5 Exhibition, please register online by Saturday 15th September 2018 to participate in the conference at https://www.unido.org/5th-green-industry-conference-sustainable-development, then complete the following form and return the completed form by email to Ms. Ampai Harakunarak, Conference Coordinator at a.harakunarak@unido.org (kindly copy to s.chamsuk@unido.org and GreenIndustryConference@unido.org).

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