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Titanium normally used for electroplating industry such as Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Chromium, Hard Chrome, Rhodium Palladium, Gold Plating, Electro-polishing , Aluminum anodizing to be equipment which need superior corrosive resistance which can divided by application

Titanium Universal Anodized Jig
Titanium jig with triangle finger which can be used to clamp many type of work pieces and worthy to use

Titanium Adjustable Jig for Anodized
Titanium Jig for anodized with adjustable function. By using nut and bolt titanium to adjust space and change their fingers to common one jig to much type of work pieces.

Titanium Anodized Finger
Finger to clamp workpiece in aluminum anodized process. Normally same as jig but finger can be change by using titanium fastener.

Titanium Jig for Anodized
Titanium stack jig for clamp plate work piece for many pieces in same time with upper finger to clamp and let electrical pass smoothly.

Titanium Anode Basket
For containing anode metal such as nickel ball, copper ball, zinc plate etc. which let electrical flow through basket to anode better without corrode.

Titanium Platinized Anode
Titanium Platinized Anode can be replaced lead anode in electroplating industry. Not like lead, they are green anode, non toxic, light weight and high current density.

Titanium MMO Anode
Used to be anode to release current in electrolysis application without any pitting and have high density current.

Titanium Hanger and Hook
Titanium Hook can be used to hang anode metal block such as Zinc, Lead, Nickel block which can be immersed for all block and pass electrical to them by titanium hook. Anode metal will be melted afgeersgzerghersfdgserany residual left.

Titanium tank

Titanium cladding busbar

Titanium heater

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