Natural resources are depleted. Environmental is degraded. Help to heal the global crisis by changing the lifestyle to the circular economy.


Currently, from the United Nations economic data, the world has a population of 7,700 million. Another 31 years (2050) will increase to 9,700 million and could reach 11,000 million by the end of this century. Cities overflowing garbage, global warming, food shortage, and many more global problems happening around the world quickly. Is it time that we will join together to change our lifestyle into the concept of sufficiency economy and circular economy.


"Circular economy" may be a new word for many people, but the meaning and methods do not differ from the word "Sufficient economy" of our father of the nation. That is, worthwhile utilizing resources and protect the environment. By recycling waste through re-material / recycle or reuse.


Going back to 150 years before the industrial revolution era, natural resources were still blooming. Consumption was the key to driving the economy. We consumed resources like crazy. Also known as 'Linear economy' which is the utilization resources (Take) to produce consumer products (Make), use it, and throw it into waste (Dispose).

Wasting resources like crazy or in other words is "Exploiting". Likewise, as in the Thai metaphor says "Squandering money of parents". Now we don't have the resources to squash anymore. The profession of the mining engineer that had once flourish, but now end like the resources that almost disappeared from the land.


Nowadays, many people and organizations focus more on nature and the environment. Therefore is the origin of the term "Circular economy" changed from the linear economy "use then dispose" into recycling the waste as raw material.

It's time that Producers must act and the state keeps pushing the consumers to "change"


Changing like this may impact costs at first. But if the manufacturer has real intentions and communicates to consumers how much you value the environment. There will be some groups of consumers who understand and accept the increased price or reduced amount. The success of a business in a circular economy is not only evaluated by sales figures or profits but also measured with values that cannot be evaluated as a price.


 7 principles of a circular economy


  1. Optimization of raw materials use.

That is Design Thinking. When the product is no longer used, can it be modified or used again? For example, Apple allows customers to change phones every year. The used phone will be disassembled and can be almost entirely reused. Ikea lets you assemble your own furniture at home to reduce the process of transportation and save space. Namthip changed plastic bottles to easier degradable that can save space and use less plastic.


  1. Use the least amount of energy. The energy must come from renewable resources.

 Use local energy. Transporting energy from other locations results in losing energy in transportation.

  1. Maintain biological diversity by not destroying other living things.

 For example, reducing the breeding of caterpillars with sparrows. Then the number of sparrows grow rapidly, eating butterflies, destroying flowers, and destroying local birds until they became extinct.

  1. Conservation of culture and communities.

 For example, businesses come to use local labor. Must also preserve the culture and beliefs of the people in the area.

  1. Do not destroy the living and health of any living thing.

 Do not release toxic substances that will destroy nature or any living things. For example, if there are burning and creating toxic fumes. We must develop production methods that do not cause toxic substances, not to resolve it by burning in a place where there are no people.


  1. Don't measure everything with numbers. But measured with mental values.

 Some values such as beliefs, religions, feelings of customers, workers are also important.


  1. Every system must be modifiable.

 For example, Rubber Killer, a brand that produces products from the inner tubes of automobiles. When people know that inner tubes can make money and raise the price of raw materials. Then they stop using the original type of tires. Then we have to change the raw materials.

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