SEO Online Marketing Strategy That Business Should Not Be Overlooked


Due to the change of consumer behavior and the recent COVID-19 situation, consumers spend more time on social media more and more. By spending 70% of their time on a mobile phone, 47% on computers or tablets, which is considered social media to be another good channel that we will use as communication channel with consumers

          Today, we are going to talk about an online marketing strategy that plays a huge role in brand awareness and increases credibility as well as increasing sales for business, SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is to customize your website according to Google's rating principles so that your business site scores highly and can rank well in google search results naturally or organically.

To put it simply, whether 100 or 1000 customers click on your website, you will not lose a penny because it is a natural traffic lead.

These are the advantages of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1. Traffic

Traffic is the number of people who have clicked on links from various channels to visit our website. When we do SEO well, it is able to rise dramatically a lot of people to the site.


  1. Awareness

Awareness is brand awareness. The more we can add more traffic to our website, the more we have created awareness of our brand as well.


  1. Reliability

          When we have more traffic to access the site, it will result that our website has also achieved an increased Google trust page score as well.


  1. Top Google Ranked Website

              When ranking in search results from keywords related to our business. Our ranking is getting better and better so that our site can rise to the top or become a Google homepage.


  1. Customer Based on Target Audience

          Online marketing, SEO or Google ads can better achieve corporate goals than Facebook ads because customers who search for information about a product or service are those who are interested in buying real products and are more likely to make purchasing decisions.


  1. Increase Sales Opportunities

When we are able to meet our target group and those who may decide to buy our products and services, our sales plan will be more increased, which will also affect sales generation.

As you can see, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very useful for business, not only B2B but also B2C.


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